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The aim of OSHO Sammasati is to provide meditative support and other resources for individuals, globally, in order to bring more awareness and joy into every dimension of living – health, illness and dying.

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The art of being present – in your living-dying. Guidance for those new to meditation, an introduction to the vast range of meditative methods available and a meditation toolkit.

Health and Ageing

Living optimally & caring for your bodymind. Articles on meditation, meditation methods and related resources in our Meditation Toolkit which are most suitable for those in a good state of health.

Illness and Pain

Meeting challenges and change. Meditations, articles and resources to support you when you or those you are caring for are ill, in pain, unconscious or facing other health challenges or disabilities.

Death & Dying

Resources for those wishing to contemplate death whilst in good health, facing one’s own imminent death or being with/caring for another who is in the dying process. Meditations, articles and practicalities.

Supporting the Ill and Dying

Meditations and other resources for those who are caring for or visiting the ill or dying. Includes rapport and other communication skills and guiding someone in meditation.

After Death

For those who have gone, and those who remain. Resources for care & disposal of the body, funerals, celebration of life, dealing with grief & loss.

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    Squeeze the Juice of Life
    Pune, India @ 15, Jan, 2017 - 17, Jan, 2017

    How’s life? As joyous, loving, meaningful and fulfilling as you’d like it to be? And if not, what can you do ...

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    The Tantra of Living & Dying
    Pune, India @ 21, Jan, 2017 - 23, Jan, 2017

    Perhaps the most meditation-rich of all the workshops, this experience is for both the seasoned meditator and those new to meditation. It is ...

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    An Experiential Enquiry into Death
    Pune, India @ 27, Jan, 2017 - 31, Jan, 2017

    Discover what death is, to you individually, and what issues it provokes.  This workshop profoundly affects participants in how they face their ...

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    Doing Dying Differently
    Pune, India @ 5, Feb, 2017 - 7, Feb, 2017

    We identify the issues that surface when we are dying and meditation techniques to address them, through voluntary relaxation, centering, staying ...

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    Living with the Inescapable
    Pune, India @ 11, Feb, 2017 - 13, Feb, 2017

    We explore the subject of death, through where art, dance and discussions that are interlaced with meditative structures so that the experience ...

My illness gave me the opportunity to think deeply about living and dying and led me this workshop. I wanted to know how to live my life intensely, and through many kinds of meditation my energy has been activated deep within. We had such a great time together — full of meditation in the beautiful nature”....

Tokumi Serizawa, Japan

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Meditation Toolkit

This Meditation Toolkit provides an easy way to find all the resources you need to learn or practise meditation and to support others in doing so, whatever the state of health.

Death & Dying Toolkit

This toolkit is primarily for a person who is dying. It has many resources that will also be of help to carers of the dying. Includes meditations for dying, dying consciously, dealing with emotions, body sensations, practical aspects and inspiration.

Carer Toolkit

Resources for carers of the seriously ill or dying:
Primary carers (generally family and friends)
Those working in a voluntary or professional capacity
Occasional visitors to the seriously ill or dying

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    A Contemporary Bardo Thödol: OSHO Bardo
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