Osho Bardo CD bookletOSHO Bardo

right-mindfulness in living & dying


A new guided meditation CD/mp3 for relaxation and as a meditative preparation for dying

with Maneesha James & Sudheer P. Niet



  • Suitable for meditators and those new to meditation
  • Use as a regular meditation for relaxed alertness and to know more awareness and joy in our everyday lives
  • Suitable for those who do not look to established religions for support when dying
  • Use to familiarise yourself with the greatest let go – the letting go of life itself – in preparation for, and at the same time of, death for yourself or in supporting others.


The Need for OSHO Bardo

We may say we want a ‘good death’ but what exactly do we mean by that? Certainly to be physically and emotionally at ease, and perhaps to have a kind of framework, a form of guidance – something to ‘hold’ us through this literally life-changing experience. For some, that might be a religious ritual; others might prefer a secular approach or a spiritual element.

Science Daily’ (March 2016) ran an article entitled Successful dying: Researchers define the elements of a ‘good death’ . Three different groups were interviewed by researchers to define what makes a ‘good death’: patients, family members and healthcare providers. The top three themes across all stakeholder groups were preferences for a specific dying process, pain-free status and emotional wellbeing.

Enter OSHO Bardo CD – a mindful approach to dying that is both a daily meditation practice and ‘a specific dying process.’


An interview with co-creator, Maneesha James (10 mins)

Until now, perhaps the most well-known dying process has been the Tibetan Buddhist scripture, the Bardo Thödol. The contemporary Indian mystic Osho refers to it as Tibet’s most significant contribution to the world. Read by a lama to a dying person the scripture’s basic message is to relax, to stay present and watch what is happening… to understand that the leaving of one’s life is the ending of a dream.

It then guides the dying person through what Tibetan Buddhism teaches are the various realms of consciousness up to the point of self-realisation and liberation or rebirth.

Times are different; humanity has changed. For many, formal religions are no longer central to their lives. For those unfamiliar with Buddhism the metaphors and images will not have the same meaning as they do either for contemporary Buddhists or did for those living over 2500-years ago, when the Bardo Thödol was created. Osho sees the need for a new form of Bardo, one created by his people. Thus, OSHO Bardo was created.

Being a meditative process it has a sense of spirituality. It provides simple guidance inwards that is free of any beliefs or detailed imagery. This means it can be used both by those without any religion and those who have an orthodox religious ritual. It is designed for the seasoned meditator and those new to meditation too. It is specifically designed to have relevance and value for people globally, in living as in dying.

Observing that living and dying are two aspects of existence, we can appreciate OSHO Bardo’s significance as a regular practice in our daily lives. That’s valuable in itself, opening doors to health on all levels. At the same time, meditating as part of everyday living is the very best preparation for dying. When we are actively dying it can be used at its most profound level.

For more on meditation as a ‘rehearsal’ for dying see A Contemporary Bardo Thödol.

Osho Bardo CD

The unique combination of especially composed music, a male and female voice, and particular text invites the listener to relax, certainly, but also to stay present and aware.  In that space there is a sense of distance from everything that may be happening – physically, mentally or emotionally.

Another unique element of this process is the sense of lightness – entirely in accord with how the mystics regard dying. Through meditation we know ourselves beyond our personality, beyond the mind and the body. That’s what the Zen masters call our ‘original face,’ and in that essential reality we are vast, full of light and joy. If you’re a meditator you’ll also know the sense of there being no past or future; you are in the ‘eternal now’ ; problems seem peripheral and all longings, needs and desires give way to a sense of fulfilment.

Recalling our true nature is known as ‘right-mindfulness,’ ‘right-remembering’ or sammasati, and when we do recall it, our whole way of being changes, even as we go about our everyday life. That remembrance can change how we pass through dying too.

OSHO Bardo is suitable for meditators and those new to meditation. Free of any cultural or religious references means it has relevance globally. It features easily understandable suggestions that reflect Osho’s vision of life and death as one continuum, and the acceptance and joy of both aspects.


'If you welcome death, if it is such a celebration, then you need not become unconscious. If it is a benediction you will become perfectly conscious in that moment.'

(Osho: No Water, No Moon)


The benefits of OSHO Bardo

When OSHO Bardo is a regular practice, many benefits can be felt:

  • A sense of freshness and rejuvenation
  • More relaxation in daily life, less stressed in work and relationships
  • Being more present to the moment, with a sense of openness, love and joy
  • A diminishing or even disappearance of fear
  • Recognising yourself, at the deepest core of your being, as consciousness
  • Experiencing the truth that everything in life comes and goes


Who is OSHO Bardo for?

OSHO Bardo can be used by anyone, of any or no religious or spiritual affiliation. It is for:

  • Anyone who would like to live and die consciously
  • Anyone who would like to be able to relax while remaining present and alert
  • Anyone who has a fear around living or dying
  • Those already familiar with meditation as well as those who would like to learn how to meditate
  • Carers of those who are ill or dying


What OSHO Bardo offers

A 45 minutes long meditation that is available as a download or (while stocks last) as a CD. The music has been specifically composed to fulfil a unique and unusual function: to keep you aware and at the same time deeply relaxed. The female and male voice provides gentle guidance to help the listener maintain a state of relaxed alertness.

Ideally, if this CD/mp3 is to be played to support someone as they die, the person would have listened to it several times before so that they are familiar with the voices, music and words and associate it with the space of meditation, relaxation and trust.

OSHO Bardo comes with a 28 page booklet which gives additional background and guidance.

Guidance suggestions written and spoken by Maneesha James and Sudheer P. Niet.


Do not listen to this CD/mp3 while driving or while engaged in any other activity.


Listen to samples:

  • Sample 1
  • Sample 2


Osho Bardo CD


Limited Edition CD £ 20:00 plus postage and packing (1000 copies only)

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‘Simply put: Osho Bardo is a beautiful guided meditation. The booklet that accompanies the CD is handsome and well-designed and the selected Osho quotes augment the foregoing text, their relevance adding velvet emphasis! The historical context of the Tibetan Bardo described in the booklet was useful, the intent of this updated approach perfectly placed and expressed. Osho’s quote from The Last Testament [about why he doesn’t give any ideas about what is going to happen after death] was the perfect coda!

‘I found the meditation wonderful, as did Jagriti and another friend with whom we shared it. The music, especially the lone piano in the beginning, is conducive to letting go. Your voice and Sudheer’s are both quite soothing and the deft use of music, voice, and silence kept me from drifting. In the moments I did start to wander, I was gently reminded to witness whatever was happening.

‘Maneesha, I am grateful to both you and Sudheer for producing this meditation in such an accessible format. In fact, I would like to purchase additional copies to give to select patients in my medical practice whom I think would be open to this gem!’ (Budhen; Austin, Texas, USA)


Aneesha OSHO Bardo feedback‘I have enjoyed listening a number of times to OSHO Bardo meditation, and shared it with our little Bardo group here [in the USA]. I love the timing of the meditation, and how the music appears and disappears. It really takes me into a timeless space.’  (Aneesha Dillon)


Angelina Richa OSHO Bardo feedback‘Listening to OSHO Bardo at OIMR was very intense, as well as touching. I was in tears all through the meditation. I grew up in the Himalayas and heard Tibetan bells just as they are in the meditation. That was scary because it reminded me of watching Tibetan funeral processions, as a child – with the body sitting up and being carried along. In spite of the fear I kept going because of the curiosity, the wanting to explore. And I knew I was held and contained in the process… that there was a safety net.  It is like when you go on the Roller Coaster at a fair: you know you are going to get scared but there is safety net.

‘Sudheer’s and your voice, the music and the format was the safety net. So there was trust. I felt ‘There is someone to take me through this.’ I didn’t want to escape and miss the experience. Then, during the meditation, there is the suggestion that the consciousness was separate from the body — that gave me the insight of how expansive I was. The consciousness was all-inclusive and the body was just a small part of it. That was again very touching and the tears came again. It was a very enlightening and enriching experience. When I returned home I was very quiet—and I am not usually! I was a rich quietness. It was as if some truth had been revealed to me. I look forward to doing it again, a second time.’   (Angelina Richa)


Asmita feedback‘Osho Bardo Meditation has part of my life for the last six months. Before I go to sleep at night it is a “calling” to come to the space of deep relaxation and awareness.

‘How else is it affecting me? Listening to Osho in the discourses is easier and goes deeper. During the day, slowly slowly I feel more connected with something inside that supports me with the challenges of everyday life and, at the same time, with the beauty all around.’ (Asmita, Colombia)


Noori‘I have practised OSHO Bardo many times; it’s been my daily meditation before going to sleep for the past eight to nine months. And so many of the words in Osho Bardo are very touching: the introduction to the meditation is like the door — knowing oneself as light, a luminous being.  I actually see myself as a dewdrop in the ocean of consciousness….

‘It’s really strong! After a few months the meditation brought me a lot of clarity – I was quite surprised about that – and a lot of synchronicity began happening. Out of the clarity I felt I couldn’t stay in the relationship I had been in for the past five years. How could I know the clarity came from OSHO Bardo? I was more centred and more connected to myself.

‘After practising OSHO Bardo, I find the Evening Meeting is much easier: Osho’s words really reach to me directly compared with before.  Now I am present and relaxed, where before, my body was present but I wasn’t really there. OSHO Bardo has also deepened the experience of the let-go meditation [that follows after Osho’s talking].’  (Noori, Stock marketer, Japan)


Sanjiva OSHO Bardo feedback‘I know that many people have already expressed in an eloquent and beautiful way how this meditation device has not only helped them but has touched them deeply. Is important for me to share the following:

‘This tool is an extraordinary summary of how to prepare ourselves for the next pinnacle in our lives and receive step-by-step instructions on how to move from the mind and body attachment, and to be aware that the witness is what is real — and only this consciousness will remain at the end — and that we are here visiting today in a physical form which will end at any given time. This device is one of the most beautiful ways to hold the hand of whoever has the opportunity to listen to it and to melt into what will be our final destination, in this amazing journey called life. Tons of Love, Sanjiva’ (Sanjiva, Chile)


samriddhi-osho-bardo-feedback‘Beloved Maneesha! Loved the Osho Bardo Death Meditation designed by you & Sudheer P. Niet. I first personally tried it then facilitated it in one of my meditation camps in Rishikesh, India. 

‘The participants didn’t want to move from their seats much after the end of the meditation time.:-They were so deeply relaxed and peaceful. I saw a total let go during the process and surrendering to look within! It was beautiful to watch them go into this space so easily — you both made it possible! 
Thank you so much for creating this. Much Love :-)’ (Prem Samriddhi, India)


julian-osho-bardo-feedback‘I’m putting together a presentation for my class on the benefits of meditation for hospice patients. Osho Sammasati was my inspiration for choosing the topic. Last night I downloaded the Osho Bardo and what an incredible journey I went on. At every experience that I encountered during the guided meditation – which were at times powerful and existential – Maneesha and Sudheer were there to help me find the courage to continue forward, and relax into the experience. I love the work you are doing here, thank you Osho Sammasati.’ (Julian Cobiella)


siddha-osho-bardo-feedback‘The OSHO Bardo meditation brings me detachment from my ego. It is becoming easier and easier just to be simple and natural in my daily life. In the process, when it comes to the point of remembrance of ourselves as light, I feel my whole body lifted up and fully washed in celebration. 

‘Also since I start listening to OSHO Bardo my experience of the Evening Meeting has deepened. After Gibberish, when Osho starts guiding us inwards, it is to the same space, and it is becoming so easy to just slip into it.  OSHO Bardo is beautiful. I love it.’ (Siddha Deva; Japan)


milarepa-osho-bardo-feedback‘I enjoyed Osho Bardo. I wasn’t sure in the beginning how I would find a male and female voice together giving the suggestions, but it was quickly a nice surprise to see it work. Maneesha’s and Sudheer’s voices are super well-recorded. 

‘Of course they have pleasant speaking voices, soothing to the ear and soul, making it easy to relax. The music works beautifully, and as the process unfolds there is a great flow that happens between the speakers and the music. Leaving the right amount of gap is a tricky thing with this kind of production, but it’s well done here. Overall the production is super clean and very well-done, well-recorded. Very very good and something to celebrate!’  (Milarepa, musician)


miten-and-deva-osho-bardo-feedback‘We loved your meditation. Congratulations on great work! We found OSHO Bardo to be relaxing and, as it progressed, it opened us to a deep place of inner peace and silence. I hope it will reach many souls – I’m sure it will. Thanks for sharing it with us. We’re very honoured.  Sending a warm embrace from here. With love from us both, Miten’ (Miten & Deva, musicians)



shanti-rani-osho-bardo-feedback‘I’ve done many OSHO meditations, and this one I was incredibly touched by because it took me to a very, super-high level. Through it there was a changing perception of my body: sometimes no movement inside; sometimes it was as if I had no body at all. The most surprising thing was that, unlike in other meditations in which I fall asleep, during OSHO Bardo I found myself always aware of what is happening all the time as well as being very deeply relaxed.

‘The music, the sounds were really perfectly chosen; I have never heard anything similar. From the first note I liked it. It started to play and already everything happened; there were no need for words. It created a certain atmosphere: an awareness of myself and a very deep silence.’   (Shanti Rani; Odessa, Ukraine)


sophia-osho-bardo-feedback‘I love OSHO Bardo. I experience it differently at different times but I have noticed that I have changed, have started being less anxious, more relaxed. The watcher that I touch stays with me, sometimes beyond the meditation. The repetition of the reminder is great. As is the music. The little gap in between, without the music, sometimes wakes me up, but at other times it just blends in well.

‘I love it that the voices soften as the meditation goes deeper… like a non-guidance, really. The booklet is also lovely. It has all the relevant information and it looks beautiful. Doing OSHO Bardo as a regular mediation allows me to enjoy my alone space more and more.’ (Sophia; Switzerland)


Ushma OB feedback‘I went very easily and quickly into a deep place, finding myself present and, at the same time, calm and relaxed. Even though I was awake, a part of me was floating in a marvellous space, like being under water, where I no longer had a physical body but was pure energy. I was feeling so well in that space, so blissful and in peace, at home. Part of that was because I was accompanied by your two voices, very calm and reassuring the perfect accompaniment for this journey.
‘The music too is perfect throughout. Sambodhi Prem’s music is the right one for meditations.’
(Ushma; meditation facilitator, Italy)


The OSHO Bardo CD is fantastic and was worth waiting for. The sound settings, the music, the male and female voices alternating – it is in perfect harmony (especially with the two beautiful people behind those voices).

‘It gives a great insight into the process of conscious relaxation and how death is the culmination of that process.’ (Dr Hemen Jaju; Cranio-facial surgeon)


‘Loved it! Put me so much back in contact with Osho’s message…the fragrance and clarity of his words and, as you say, at the same time his wonderful pragmatism. “OK Maneesha? Enough for today…”’  (Prem Alok)


Nandita OB feedback‘The Osho Bardo meditation brings me deep relaxation. It reminds me to stay alert and not miss the opportunity… to be present to each moment as if it is the last.

‘The Tibetan gongs in the background keep me awake. They help me to remember that life is a dream and to let go of my attachments. They help me to dissolve into spaciousness and to be able to watch it.

‘During this process, it is as if awareness is speaking to awareness about awareness. What a blessing Osho Bardo is. I feel I do have a chance now to die consciously. Thank you Maneesha, Sudheer and Sambodhi Prem for this beautiful insight.’(Nandita; UK)


‘Just been listening to Osho Bardo CD: so beautiful and so relaxing. I was just floating and didn’t want to open my eyes near the end. I fell into a lovely deep sleep afterwards. Now awake, I still have floaty feeling…..
‘So many thanks to all involved, not forgetting beloved Osho.’ (Advaita, UK)



Q.   Is this meditation suitable for people of any or no religion?

A.   Yes. OSHO Bardo has been purposefully created to be free of any beliefs or detailed instruction and it can also sit comfortably with any orthodox religious ritual.


Q.   Is it OK to listen to the CD even if I am not near the point of death?

A.   Yes. At the end of the process, there are suggestions for bringing your meditation to a close, such as taking some deep breaths, opening your eyes, and sitting up. Alternatively, if you want to continue your meditation on your own you can ignore these suggestions. At the end of the meditation there are three gongs.


Q.   How regularly should I practise this meditation?

A.   You can use OSHO Bardo as a regular, even daily practice, so that you become more and more familiar with the space of sammasati, or right-mindfulness. The more often you hear the CD, the more familiar it will become. Eventually you may not need the CD to move into this meditation. With practice, it is possible to remain relaxed and aware in any circumstance – including that of actively dying.


Q.   Can I use this CD to support someone else who is dying?

A.   Many who have supported and cared for dying people know how extraordinary that experience can be. Yet in the face of such a momentous event there may also be a feeling of impotency. OSHO Bardo can provide a way for both the person dying, and for anyone listening with them, to be more present and to feel a sense of being held in the space of peace and joy.


Q.   Is this meditation suitable for everyone?

A.   Generally yes, however, please note the following:

The method set out is not intended to replace the services of a physician, therapist, or psychiatrist, nor to provide an alternative to any needed professional medical treatment. We offer no medical diagnosis of, or treatment for, any specific medical or psychological issue you may have. OSHO Bardo is a meditation and relaxation method. It deals in part with personal preparation for a natural death which, according to Osho, is the ultimate relaxation and let-go experience. As such some may experience fear or other emotional issues or memories. Anyone unprepared for or unwilling or unable to deal with such issues should refrain from participating in this program and/or may wish to consult their physician or appropriate health-care practitioner before participation or practice.

Do not listen to this CD while driving or while engaged in any other activity.


If you have any additional queries about OSHO Bardo, please contact us or write them in the Comment section below.

For any queries relating to shipping and delivery of the CD, please see here.



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