Being There: Living & Dying with Awareness

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Here’s the replay of the webinar – it starts at the 14 minutes 4 secs mark as these first few minutes were what you might call a learning experience! Lots…

The Right to Physician Assisted Suicide

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The controversy over physician-assisted suicide has popped up again—this time in Canada where the Canadian Supreme Court issued a unanimous ruling “establishing that the ‘sanctity of life’ also includes the…

Dying of Cancer is the Best Death – a controversial blog by Dr Richard Smith

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    A high-profile British doctor, Richard Smith, has said that death by cancer is the best way to die. The reason? Because it gives us the opportunity to die…

It’s Not Like That, Actually

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It’s Not Like That, Actually: A memoir of surviving cancer and beyond by Kate Carr Pub. Vermilion 2004 Review by Anand Chetan It’s the unsettling title that stayed with me…

Being loving is good for you

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In ‘Wishful Thinking’ (New Scientist, July 13 2013) we’re told that the vagus nerve (aka the 10th cranial nerve) connects the brain to internal organs, including the lungs, digestive tract…

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