There are many benefits to making use of meditation methods when you are dying (or supporting someone else who is dying.)

Meditation for the dying at OSHO Sammasati

Firstly, just to remind you: meditation fits in with any belief system you might have because practising a method needs no beliefs. Any technique that you choose is simply a way to help you relax and return to what is a natural state – that is: one that is already in you.

You may not think you know that natural state. Yet in our experience, most of us have had a taste of meditation outside any practice. Perhaps you were not expecting it at all: just being relaxed, with the mind’s volume turned down a bit – maybe in a forest or by the sea; alone or being with your beloved – you felt peaceful. You wanted for nothing. Time seemed to expand. Your own sense of self seemed to expand too, or to disappear completely, so immersed were you in that sense of calmness and stillness.

Especially when you are stressed, perhaps anxious or feeling ‘all over the place’ and your mind – with all its doubts and questions – won’t leave you alone, the methods suggested here can be very effective in helping you move beyond such feelings and thoughts.

You need no ‘props’ and you can do them alone, even if you are surrounded by others and the activity and noise of your home, a hospice or a hospital.


If you would like to guide a dying person in a meditation, you can find some tips and suggestions in Leading a Guided Meditation for Someone who is Ill or Dying.


Listed below are a number of meditations particularly supportive if you or your loved one is actually dying or if you wish to explore death whilst in good health.

The complete list of meditations and explanations can be found in Meditations in Dying.

Where a method is suitable to be used as a guided meditation we have given the script and some guidance how to lead someone in meditation.

Please see also our audio recordings including OSHO Bardo which can be used when healthy, when preparing to die and during the actual death transition.

These meditations may be used by those who are dying and also for those in good health who wish to become familiar with dying as a part of living:

  • 4-step let go
  • Feel as if dying
  • Humming
  • Peace in the heart
  • Disappearing
  • Om
  • Remember the joy
  • Finding the unchanging
  • Evoking the inner light
  • Accepting emotions


Guided Meditations

  • Being with the other at their death
  • Guided letting go
  • Meditation by osmosis



  • OSHO Bardo
see Meditations in Dying
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