Although I have been a meditator for 40+ years, and it’s at my core, I’m still looking for the words to convey what this is to me. It’s clear that I’m more ‘out There’ as a liver and a lover, and more ‘in Here’ grounded in a stillness Now. It’s become a way of being and I take it for granted.

I began the Being Mortal evening events to celebrate and share my awesome decades of learning with Osho, and recently Maneesha, through the vibrant Osho Sammasati trainings and workshops. It has been a privilege to assist her in presenting parts of it, resulting in fulfilling a long held desire – to volunteer in my local hospice In-Patient unit.

Contemplating death and dying brings me to the present moment, to an intense appreciation of where I am now, the people and creatures in my life, the quality of our connection, the joy of being.

Hosting the Evenings about Death is my contribution to my locality, to augment the existing (non medical) networks of support around dying. The independent ones among us need a place to share openly, discuss and dive deep into the subject, with a flavour of meditation.

We have also initiated a local Living and Dying Group – an offshoot of the Evenings about Death with a practical focus. We meet regularly to complete the practicalities and formalities, with a psychological and meditative focus, e.g. Will, Advanced Decision and Power of Attorney for Health and Welfare. Our plan is to support each other through our onward journey – anticipating where we are headed! My hope is that many small local groups of this quality will develop from the Evenings about Death, to bring meditative awareness and joy to the dying experience, everywhere.

In daily life, I run Bliss Naturopathy, a Naturopathic Wellness Coaching practice, and a small business. I enjoy family life in this semi – rural community of Kings Langley, Hertfordshire, UK, working with health, learning and growing, making new connections and helping others on the path.

If any of this touches you, it would be lovely to hear from you. Blissings.

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