Based in Aarhus, Denmark, 47-year old Sammasati is a trained psychologist, authorised and accredited as a specialist in clinical psychology and supervision. Her field of expertise is treatment of suffering following trauma. She also has extensive experience in psychological treatment for anxiety, depression, psychosis and other kinds of psychological distress. Being the leader and chief psychologist of a hospital-based sexual assault clinic, through many years she has experience with the after effects of sexual assault, along with leadership and knowledge as factors important for workplace wellbeing.

She is trained in eye movement and desensitisation (emdr), cognitive behavioural therapy and narrative exposure therapy for trauma symptom relief. Besides that she has trained in acceptance and commitment therapy, bodily oriented psychodynamic therapy and systemic/narrative therapy.

She also has training in facilitating Osho meditations and has done research into the psychological treatment of inexplicable physical symptoms and trauma treatment.

Sammasati’s interest in death and meditation goes way back to her childhood. She sees that unresolved grief and fear of death diminishes lives and that, with help and understanding, our attitude to death can be transformed into the most potent incentive to live life at its fullest. Sammasati feels that such an attitude towards death is one of the most important awakening mechanisms and therefore one of the most important to address.

She says of the new direction her life is taking with OSHO Sammasati, ‘I am looking forward to being part of the work and have a sense of creativity arising from it that feels like a gift.’

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