Yatro is a director and co-founder of OSHO Sammasati and organised and ‘graduated’ from our first Sammasati Support Person Training, also being a helper in most of the second training (now known as the OSHO Sammasati Experience).

As well as being involved in the administration of OSHO Sammasati, she is a meditation facilitator, an Osho Neo-Reiki® Master and a practitioner of the Bowen Technique with a wide experience of many healing modalities.

She is also a musician, leading Heart Dance and the occasional Ceilidh and playing in meditations with live music in Devon and beyond.

Since her father’s death in hospital, in which she saw that ‘things don’t have to be this way’, it has happened that she has been involved at different times and in different ways in the journeys of others, including friends and her mother, through their illnesses, dying and leaving the body. Each precious experience has contributed to the mystery and the ultimate ‘not knowing’

She runs OSHO Sammasati introductory events in South Devon, UK; and local workshops facilitated by Maneesha, as well as offering Osho Meditations and information locally.

Yatro (J Mackay)

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