A unique guided process, suitable as a regular meditation practice and also as a support through dying.

CD or mp3 download available.

OSHO Bardo can be used as a regular meditation to help us relax and to know more awareness and joy in our everyday lives. It is also a preparation for the crescendo of life and for the greatest experience of letting go that we will encounter – the letting go of life itself.

The process is a profound and meaningful response to the widely acknowledged need for a new approach to the end-of-life process. Free of any religious or cultural beliefs, it is rooted in the experience of moving into the depth of our inner world.

OSHO Bardo’s secular, experiential foundation makes it valuable for those millions of people who are not necessarily related to any religion and who do not look to established religions for support when dying.

Approximately 45 minutes long, the meditation is set to music. A male and female voice (Sudheer and Maneesha) gently lead the listeners through a state of relaxed, inner alertness, into the light and joy within. Available as a CD or downloadable mp3. Read more and purchase


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