Whenever you, or the person you are supporting, feel restless.

Focusing on the emotional heart centre to reconnect with inner peace.

If you are with someone who is restless, it can be helpful to suggest, first, that they progressively relax the whole of their body (or you talk them through that process) and then bring their awareness specifically to the centre of the chest, to the energetic heart centre.


In this method, regardless of whatever may else be happening in your outer or inner worlds, you can consciously create inside a feeling of peacefulness – of stillness and openness.

Make sure you will be undisturbed throughout the meditation and for a few minutes afterwards. Find a comfortable position – sitting or lying down – and then, when you are ready, allow your eyes to close. And then, invite your body to relax.


1) Relaxation

Notice if there are any tensions anywhere in the body and, with the outbreath, feel that the tension is lessening… dissolving. For example, starting at your legs and feet: if there is any tension direct 2 or 3 outbreaths there and feel that with the breath leaving the body, the tension is also letting go. The area of the genitals and belly: lovingly inviting any tension to dissolve with the exhalation. The chest… the shoulders: feel the gentle exhalation releasing any tension there; feel the chest and shoulders relaxing. Then move your awareness to the arms and hands: and again, if there is any tension, feeling the outbreath dissolving it….

The neck, the face, scalp: letting go of any holding that might be there, with the outbreath…and your back, your spine, right down to the base: gently and lovingly helping any tension to dissolve.

The body is relaxing… the body is relaxing… the body is relaxed, as relaxed as it can be right now.


2) Awareness to the heart centre

The body relaxed, bring all your awareness now to the heart centre – that place between your two armpits – and notice the feeling of peace there…. The rest of the body forgotten for now, just let all your awareness rest here, in the heart centre…  The more awareness, the deeper becomes the feeling of peacefulness.

With each inbreath feel that you are bringing more peacefulness into the heart and with each outbreath relaxing more deeply into the increasing feeling of peacefulness.

Each inhalation bringing more peace into the heart. Each exhalation helping you to relax even more deeply into the peacefulness.

And when your awareness is centred in the heart, you can notice that the world seems far away… more and more dreamlike.

And as the peacefulness in the heart becomes more profound and more expanded, look around inside and see: Is there is any limit to this feeling of peacefulness? Any boundaries? And if you notice any boundaries, allowing them to dissolve …. 

And now allowing peacefulness to flow into the rest of your body, the whole body filled with peacefulness….


 3) Staying in this space with eyes open               

Gently now open your eyes and be in an easy sitting position. Look around you – noticing anyone else in the room or any objects, and staying connected with the feeling of peace in your heart…. Connecting with the ‘other,’ with the outside world AND staying connected with this inner space at the same time…..  

And now allowing your eyes to close once more so that you can sink back into your inner space….


4) Coming Back

And gently coming back now….And when you are ready returning to this time and this place…. Opening and closing your hands, squeezing your toes…releasing them, and having a little stretch, and allowing your eyes to open.



Osho’s words on this meditation

“Close your eyes and just feel the area between the two armpits: the heart area, your chest. Feel it just between the two armpits with your total attention, total awareness. Forget the rest of the body; remember just the heart area between the two armpits, the chest, and feel it filled with great peace.

“The moment the body is relaxed, peace automatically happens in your heart. The heart becomes silent, relaxed and harmonious. And when you forget the whole body and bring your attention just to the chest and consciously feel it filled with peace, much peace will happen immediately.

“There are areas in the body, particular centres, where particular feelings can be created consciously. Between the two armpits is the heart centre, and the heart centre is the source of all the peace that happens to you, whenever it happens. Whenever you are peaceful, the peace is coming from the heart. The heart radiates peace. Really, whenever you are in love you are relaxed, and because you are relaxed you are filled with a certain peace. That peace arises from the heart. So peace and love have become joined, associated. Whenever you are in love you are peaceful; whenever you are not in love you are disturbed. Because of peace the heart has become associated with love.

“Whenever you are able to feel the peace between your two armpits filling you, pervading your heart centre, the world will look illusory. This is a sign that you have entered meditation – when the world feels and appears to be illusory. Don’t think that the world is illusory, there is no need to think it – you will feel it. It will suddenly occur to your mind, “What has happened to the world?” The world has suddenly gone dreamy. It is there, a dreamlike existence, without any substance. It looks so real, just like a film on the screen. It can even be three dimensional. It looks like something, but it is a projected thing. Not that the world is a projected thing, not that it is really unreal – no. The world is real but you create the distance, and the distance gets more and more. And you can understand whether the distance is getting more and more or not by knowing how you are feeling about the world. That’s the criterion. That is a meditative criterion.

“It is not a truth that the world is unreal – if the world has become unreal, you have become centred in the being. Now the surface and you are so far away that you can look at the surface as being something objective, something other than you. You are not identified.”

(Osho: The Book of Secrets)

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