This thoughtful article by Dwight Garner published recently in The New York Times explores the issue of how we spend our last days once we know that our ‘number is up’ and that our death will be sooner rather than later.

“DEATH is a sniper,” Nora Ephron wrote in “I Feel Bad About My Neck,” her 2006 best seller. “It strikes people you love, people like you, people you know, it’s everywhere. You could be next.”

Before her book was published, Ms. Ephron learned that she had Myelodysplastic Syndrome, a rare blood disorder. The existential sniper’s bullet, aimed at her, was no longer spiraling in slow motion. She decided to sprint toward her final deadline. In her last six years she wrote two books, two plays and 100 blog posts, and directed a movie.

Read the full article here

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