An event with Yatro offering a safe space to share with others on the subject of death and dying.

Yatro says, “I’d like to give people the space to talk on any aspect of death and dying, and also share Osho’s insights on that topic. We’ll also experience together a beautiful OSHO meditation – not-to-mention tea and biscuits. I’m calling these mini OSHO Sammasati events ‘Matters of Life and Death’”

This event is for people who would like to look at this subject in advance for themselves, or perhaps have others in their lives who they are helping to support.

For more details contact Yatro at or call her on 07871 611692 / 01364 388412​

Facilitated by

Ma Prem Yatro read bio here

Yatro is a co-director and co-founder of OSHO Sammasati and completed our first Sammasati Support Person Training. She offers introductory events on meditation and death & dying in and around Totnes, Devon, UK.

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