This 7-day course is for those wishing to share the OSHO-based vision of conscious living-dying through presenting events and workshops. It will commence with participation in a 2-day workshop (‘Living with the Inescapable’) as an experience of what participants will then learn how to facilitate for themselves. There’ll be instruction in basic group dynamics; suggestions for preparing and presenting the workshop or an event in a mainstream context, along with individual practise within the workshop.

Foundational to the course will be participants gaining an in-depth familiarity with Osho’s insights into life as a day-by-day conscious preparation for a transformative death and the key role of meditation.

Those wishing to join the whole course need to have participated in  ‘An Experiential Enquiry into Death‘ and Doing Dying Differently.

Participants will be offered on-going support beyond the workshop itself.

Facilitated by

Maneesha James read bio here

Maneesha has been facilitating workshops and retreats focused on conscious living and conscious dying for the last 20 years. Drawing her inspiration from the many years she spent in the company of the Indian mystic Osho, she creates a safe space for exploring conscious dying using a wide range of meditative techniques and simple structures.

Maneesha has also worked with a number of individuals who were facing death and provided the psycho-spiritual support to help them through the transition of death – she sometimes calls herself a ‘transition midwife’. She is co-founder and co-director of OSHO Sammasati and is a published author. Originally from Australia, Maneesha now has a base in north London.

Sudheer P. Niet read bio here

Sudheer is an experienced meditator and teacher of meditation. Over the past 35 years, he has used many different meditation techniques and has helped hundreds of people to get the knack of meditation. He has been on the journey of meditation with the Indian mystic, Osho, the Buddha of our times, who developed a science of transformation for the modern man.

Sudheer received training in self-hypnosis from Dr. Brian Alman, a student of Milton Erickson, M.D., the father of modern hypnosis. He trained in NLP and Hypnosis in Pune, India with Prabodhi and Premananda, as well as with H. Hoenderdos, a student of Richard Bandler, one of the developers of NLP, Neuro-Linguistic Programming.

Sudheer facilitates a range of meditation groups in the Osho Meditation Resort, India and around the world.

Upcoming workshops

20 Dec 2018 - 26 Dec 2018, at , Pune, India - Facilitated by Maneesha James, Sudheer P. Niet

See Osho International Meditation Resort for more information.

a Taster will be available on 18th December.

Recent workshop feedback

I really appreciate and enjoyed the light-heartedness and lots of laughter in the midst of dealing with this heavy theme – it was very relaxing and supportive throughout the whole 7-day Facilitator Course. I was very happy being there and had a chance to dive into the totally new experiment with others from various cultural backgrounds. So first I would like to say thank you for this opportunity. The most impressive thing for me was the openness, honesty and humble attitude of the two facilitators.

I found the course to be a really exposing process, more than I had expected.
Watching my presentation on the video was quite powerful. As a result, I was directly faced with my own self-doubt, which had been buried in my unconsciousness for a long time. (As a continuation of this process, I took some sessions, through which I found that this actually came from my mother. Finding this and being guided to let it go was a very big relief for me.)

Since the workshop, it feels so precious to meet the friends who are looking in a similar direction and who have the same passion and motivation. It feels as if a new journey has started. Much love and gratitude,

(Ajita, Japan)

The Facilitator Course provided a good blend of learning and practising facilitator and meditation skills, and personal processing on issues of life and death, including a deep understanding of Osho’s vision on death. The experience also made me own my capacity to facilitate workshops and individual processes. The skills and many meditation tools I got will definitely refine and enrich all of my work and my daily life.

I love and thank my beloved teachers for their big hearts, their humanness and the most valuable competence that they demonstrated and shared with us. I thank them and my beloved classmates for all their contributions, in our sharing and learning from each other in a loving, supportive, resourceful and non-competitive atmosphere. With love and appreciation, Parna

(Parna, Switzerland)

The Facilitator Course provided a well-designed programme, starting with the first two days of our experiencing the workshop, as participants, that we were there to learn how to facilitate ourselves. There was a good balance between talking, dancing, meditating and practising facilitation. The providing of all the OSHO Sammasati material was great!

The course room was excellent as were the facilitators. They have strong competences and also complement each other very well. Apart from that, they show that they feel great passion for what they do and they are able to bring that love across to the participants.

(Pim, The Netherlands)

I absolutely loved the Facilitator Course. I feel I got into very precious spaces inside myself…touching silence, gratitude and love in a very beautiful way. I am very grateful to both of the facilitators and to the group for providing the space. This was most important for me.

The exercise of drawing life and death and the space of witnessing in between was very powerful and the various guided meditations worked very well in deepening the space. And the dyads, in which we took turns to talk about fears in life worked well to. Bottom line: I loved it.

(Sammasati, Denmark)

The Facilitator Course was a great learning experience in knowing more about the inner dynamics of creating a workshop, for example, ‘Living with the inescapable.’ Beside the necessary skills, we learnt the art that is involved in workshop facilitation. I gained a very deep respect and understanding of what Maneesha and Sudheer deliver in each workshop. There is so much love and knowledge.

The workshop was beautiful and I enjoyed it very much. The many personalities and nationalities of the participants really enriched the whole process. My own experience felt like a wake-up call, and for that I am really grateful to both facilitators.

(Sanjiva, Chile)

The Facilitator Course was a powerful coming together of ten participants from nine countries, looking at the possibility of presenting OSHO Sammasati’s vision of conscious living and dying through events and workshops.

We shared our experiences and talents, looking at the many aspects involved in facilitating, together with discussing Osho's insights and facilitating meditations. It was a strong brew, nurtured by the synergy that is Maneesha and Sudheer working together, the depth of the participants’ enthusiasm and the magic of the OIMR Buddhafield.

Through this 'journey' I gained many insights and ideas that I can use to hone my facilitation skills, as well as connections with a network of beautiful people worldwide.

(Prem Yatro, UK)
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