Squeeze the juice of life, enjoy the dance of life and be a light unto yourself! Active and quiet meditations together with awareness techniques for conscious living and dying.

You will be guided to discover and celebrate your aliveness and presence with dance, body exercises, movement, breathwork, respectful contact and interaction. Expect to experience relaxation and rejuvenation and an opening to creativity and true contact.

It’s an honour for me to accompany your process with joy and caring sensitivity. You are very welcome.

Facilitated by

Parna Brunner read bio here

Parna is based in Switzerland and speaks German, French, Italian as well as English. She works as a teacher for children with special needs and as a craniosacral, massage and breath therapist.  Parna is trained as a facilitator of Osho Pulsation (Neo-Reichian breathwork) and as an Osho Meditation facilitator. She supported her life partner and her mother during their terminal illnesses and dying processes in deep appreciation of Osho’s vision of conscious and celebrative dying.

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