The Tantra of Living & Dying

All Tantra and other methods of meditation are just to make you aware that separateness is false and oneness is real. If you can become aware of that you will be totally different. You will not be afraid. You will not feel insecure. You will not feel the anguish of approaching death and annihilation.


Love and meditation enable us to know the joy that lies beyond the confines of ‘me’ and ‘mine,’ where we melt into one boundless, inner sky. Yet dropping all control and letting go can feel like dying – and that fear affects our capacity to live with totality, to have fulfilling love relationships, to realise ourselves, and to move gracefully into our physical death.

The Tantra of Living & Dying at OSHO Sammasati - death tantraIn the safe and loving environment created for these days together, we gently experiment with a variety of meditation techniques (from the Vigyan Bhairav Tantra*). Alone, in nature, and sometimes with a partner, we will learn the art of going beyond all the barriers we may usually erect – both in living and in dying – and of trusting the space of expansion and merging. We’ll also practise some of the meditative ways that Osho has suggested we can use when by the side of a friend or family member who is dying – methods that can help both us and the dying person be as one, boundless, loving energy. When we understand, not just intellectually but experientially, that we and the other are one, dying becomes an intimate and sacred meditation. Then the other’s death need not leave grief in its wake but an affirmation of that which never dies.

This gentle and profound workshop can enrich your everyday experience of living, your relationships and your meditation and also take you to a new level of understanding about what dying is.

(*Tantra means ‘method’ and ‘expansion’. This workshop does not include any sexual content.)

You might like to read Maneesha’s blog post ‘Letting Go‘ for more on the tantric approach to life and death.

This workshop can be taken by itself or as part of The Osho Sammasati Experience series of workshops.

Facilitated by

Maneesha James read bio here

Maneesha has been facilitating workshops and retreats focused on conscious living and conscious dying for the last 20 years. Drawing her inspiration from the many years she spent in the company of the Indian mystic Osho, she creates a safe space for exploring conscious dying using a wide range of meditative techniques and simple structures.

Maneesha has also worked with a number of individuals who were facing death and provided the psycho-spiritual support to help them through the transition of death – she sometimes calls herself a ‘transition midwife’. She is co-founder and co-director of OSHO Sammasati and is a published author. Originally from Australia, Maneesha now has a base in north London.

Sudheer P. Niet read bio here

Sudheer is an experienced meditator and teacher of meditation. Over the past 35 years, he has used many different meditation techniques and has helped hundreds of people to get the knack of meditation. He has been on the journey of meditation with the Indian mystic, Osho, the Buddha of our times, who developed a science of transformation for the modern man.

Sudheer received training in self-hypnosis from Dr. Brian Alman, a student of Milton Erickson, M.D., the father of modern hypnosis. He trained in NLP and Hypnosis in Pune, India with Prabodhi and Premananda, as well as with H. Hoenderdos, a student of Richard Bandler, one of the developers of NLP, Neuro-Linguistic Programming.

Sudheer facilitates a range of meditation groups in the Osho Meditation Resort, India and around the world.

Kimaya Carvalho read bio here

Brazilian-born Kimaya is a co-facilitator with OSHO Sammasati. She has training in multiple disciplines, including OSHO Therapy, Zen Counseling Skills, Conscious Relating, Family Constellation, Hypnosis for Meditation, Tantra, Neo Reichian Pulsation and Multidimensional Bodywork.
She travels globally, including to the Osho International Meditation Resort, Pune, India, offering self-transformation seminars, retreats and trainings in Hara Awareness, Self-Inquiry Intensives,Tantra and Women’s workshops, bodywork and Healing Therapy Trainings.

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Recent workshop feedback

A very deep, opening workshop. In real life I am open but I wear something like a cocoon around me. In the last day my heart really opened and I lost all the masks. The process enables one to really feel. You can go so deep and really start relating to others. It can be a real melting into the other.


A fabulous experience...ecstatic! For me the workshop is about being okay with what is in the moment...about relaxing into it and letting go. It’s understanding we are in death and life at the same time; it’s a continuum. Understanding that— that it is one process, like in and out breathing — then there is no sense of separation. Death then becomes less scary.


From the first meditation I realised I was not feeling my usual, chronic pain. Now, days afterwards, it is much easier to go to the space of being relaxed even though I know the pain is there — but I don’t feel it. This workshop takes you into a place of peace, relief and emptiness, and of being one with the other. It is a gentle and loving introduction to the subject of death.


This workshop in many beautiful ways provided deep experiences of meditation. Many times I enjoyed a relaxation so profound it went right to the centre of my being. I also had a deep look at mortality and immortality, as two sides of the one coin. As well, I was fascinated to experience and witness how much the breath, used with awareness, is the doorway to life, to energy – that it is a physical experience as well as the bridge to timelessness and deathlessness.

I took away with me a more grounded sense of oneness, a tendency to be more tuned in and able, more and more, to live life from the core as a natural flow, moment to moment, step by step, breath by breath. The workshop also gave me the opportunity to integrate the blissful death of my Beloved, to see once more how graced and blessed I was to be with him in life and through all the stages of dying and to see myself in the mirror of that great love that never dies, befriending more and more my own mortality and immortality.

The watcher is your eternity: I always loved that sentence of Osho, and that became certainly more of a reality.

(Prabodhi Parna)

It was a dream come true to have been able to participate in your workshop. I was really 'blown away' with the meditations that we did and specially appreciated learning the breath one: such a simple and beautiful technique that allowed me to go deep inside myself. So many doors were open, and keep opening right now, with awareness and sensitivity.

(Sanjiva, Chile)

I really appreciate the way you two work together and your lightness of touch with what could be a heavy topic. I wish we could continue to explore together in this open space.

(Sudhir, UK)

I had been having a feeling as if I were not alive, so I decided to participate in the workshop (The Tantra of Living and Dying). The meditations and exercises were perfect for me. I have learned how to be relaxed, connecting with my heart and then connecting with the other. Once I was relaxed in the space of my heart, the boundary dissolved, and I had the experience of being able to accept others as they are. It was beautiful space.

Now I want to live my life fully and will try to remember my heart. I would like to share myself while I embrace the fear of death and at the same time relax into the deathlessness. Thank you Maneesha, thank you Osho!

(Mada Shindo, Japan)

Many things happened in the workshop and afterwards, too. I experienced the joy of dropping boundaries with another. It was the first time for me and I was so relaxed: I could have gone far away. On the third and last day of the workshop, in the meditation with the dying, I finally felt the reality of my being alive

(Anama, Japan)

I am so grateful to you all! Such a wonderful workshop and celebration for me. Three days may be short, but it was my happiest time ever. Joy, sadness, worry — whatever comes in my life I will remember the witness with courage. Such a treasure you gave me. Thank you so much!

(Anand Chetan, Japan)

My illness gave me the opportunity to think deeply about living and dying and led me this workshop. I wanted to know how to live my life intensely, and through many kinds of meditation my energy has been activated deep within. We had such a great time together — full of meditation in the beautiful nature”.

The workshop was a great opportunity to face both life and death. I have never meditated so intensely, and I got so many insights and made so many discoveries through my own experience, which was really wonderful. I found being with dying person exercise so beautiful and useful. Thank you so much.

(Tokumi Serizawa, Japan)
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