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Suddenly a spate of activity on my blog after a silence of some weeks. Not because I’ve been sitting about twiddling my thumbs; au contraire!

I’ve written earlier, here, of the workshop for volunteer palliative care workers at Greenwich Hospital, Sydney. More recently I ran an afternoon workshop at my former college (Jansen Newman Institute, St. Leonards) for student therapists. It was a gas facilitating that session (and amusing to see my name down as ‘Lecturer’ on the formal feedback form: a ‘Meditation Lecturer’? — something of an oxymoron!)

A repeat of this workshop is due on September 20th. I’ve also been invited to design a meditation workshop for nurses by the head of nursing at Greenwich Hospital, and a fellow therapist has proposed a workshop for practising therapists.

All these developments are exciting — I love teaching! — and the challenge for me is to put all that I’ve gained through my years with Osho, my meditation master, into a language that is accessible to whomever I am talking, while not compromising its integrity. There are many therapeutic modalities being developed these days that utilise various facets of the meditative approach. And there are some writers, too, who combine expertise in their field with their understanding and experience of meditation, a case in point being Jon Kabat-Zinn. I’ve been reading (again) David Wallin’s terrific book, Attachment in Psychotherapy, as he has so much to say about ‘mindfulness’ and therapy that I find intriguing and with which, for the most part, I agree.

So, exciting times!

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