The greatest gift you can give to someone who is dying: pouring your silence and peacefulness into them.

“Death is the point at which knowledge fails, and we become open to being — that has been the Buddhist experience down the ages. Buddha used to send his disciples, when somebody had died, to see the body burning on the funeral pyre: ‘Meditate there, meditate on the nothingness of life.’

“Death is the point at which knowledge fails, and when knowledge fails, mind fails. And when mind fails, there is a possibility of truth penetrating you. But people don’t know. When somebody dies you don’t know what to do, you are very embarrassed. When somebody dies it is a great moment to meditate.

“I always think that each city needs a Death Center. When somebody is dying and his death is very, very imminent he should be moved to the Death Center. It should be a small temple where people who can go deep in meditation should sit around him, should help him to die, and should participate in his being when he disappears into nothing.

“When somebody disappears into nothing great energy is released. The energy that was there, surrounding him, is released. If you are in a silent space around him, you will go on a great trip. No psychedelic can take you there. The man is naturally releasing great energy; if you can absorb that energy, you will also kind of die with him. And you will see the ultimate — the source and the goal, the beginning and the end.” (Osho: The Heart Sutra)

“The moment a person dies he releases all his energy: if you are receptive you will feel it. If you are available, open you will feel your energy level rising up. It depends on many things — what kind of man has died, what kind of energy he used to have.

“If he was a man of anger, violence, then it is better not to be close to him — because all his repressed anger, all his repressed violence will be released, and you can unnecessarily suffer from all that energy entering you. He is moving into a new house so all the old furniture is going to be left in the old house.”

[Osho says this is why some religions burn the body as quickly as possible, so that it does not radiate harmful things. The alternative, of putting them in graves, is dangerous — you are accumulating anger, hatred, greed, sexuality.] And it is very natural because when somebody is dying or dead, you automatically become silent by their side. Death is such a mysterious phenomenon that everybody is in shock.”


Step 1: “So first thing to be aware of is — what kind of person is dying. If he has been loving, open etc., sit close to him and being silent will be very helpful to you. When he is leaving, these energies will be radiated all around him.”


Step 2: “If it is a relative, lover, someone of the first category [loving, open], sitting by their side, have your hand on his heart or hold his hands and just be silent and peaceful.


“Your peace and your silence will be transferred, transmitted; and if you can help the person to die peacefully, silently, you have done a beautiful act, a virtuous act. You may feel afterwards a little weak, tired, exhausted; but that is nothing — just a little rest and you will be perfectly okay.

“So from your side you can help the dying person to move onto a better plane of life, but for that you have to be silent and peaceful. Then you are on a higher plane and the energy can flow. Energy moves in the same way water flows — downwards. It cannot flow upwards. So in both ways energy can be exchanged.


“The basic thing is if you love the person, then you can pour your energy into him. This is the time — and the last time. You won’t have another opportunity to give him a gift. And there cannot be a better gift than this, because this gift can change his whole future journey.”

(Osho: The Transmission of the Lamp)






















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