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General Questions

Our work has a global reach. However, because the two founders are living in the UK, it is here that we are registered (as a CIC: community interest company).

In addition to the co-founders, the team comprises several directors, an administrator, a book-keeper, a financial advisor, a marketing expert, those involved in our webinars and our facilitators. Many other people are involved in the sense that they have participated in one or more workshops and/or subscribe to our newsletter and support us through social media.

Please contact us. Together we can discuss what our needs are, and how much time and what skills you have available. See also Participate in OSHO Sammasati.

Spiritual Questions

Questions about our philosophy and on meditation.

Sammasati’ means ‘right remembering’ – that is, remembering who we are beyond the body-mind.  Remembering ourselves as consciousness. See also Right-Mindfulness and Sammasati.

No. Our approach is based on the vision of the mystic, Osho. As such there are no beliefs, no doctrines, dogmas or rituals. See also The OSHO Vision.

There is not a philosophy in the sense of a ‘school of thought’ that adherents are obliged to follow and agree with. OSHO Sammasati is based on the understanding that we all have our own, unique lives to experience and paths to create.

You will find on the website many passages from Osho’s discourses; these are about his experiences and his insights. His constant refrain is: My experience is not and cannot be your experience, your truth. That you must find for yourself. It is my joy to share – through words and through silence. If you find some resonance, good. If you don’t, that’s also good! See also The OSHO Vision.

No. Our workshops always comprise a mix of sannyasins and non-sannyasins. You can find a summary of our workshops here.

No, though because they are meditation-based, to feel their benefit you need to try out the methods as they are explained and practised, within the context of the workshop. It may be that your experiences within the workshop inspire you to begin a meditation practice if you do not already have one.

What we are advocating here is meditation. Meditation can be and is practised by those of any or no religious persuasion. Meditation is becoming recognised as being particularly beneficial in reducing stress and anxiety as evidenced by the proliferation of Mindfulness-based meditation classes springing up. Mindfulness meditation is also beginning to be recognised and adopted by the health industry and major businesses.

Whilst we feel particularly fortunate to have access to Osho’s teachings on meditation and are happy to share them, there is no compulsion for anyone to adopt them.

The Osho vision is without dogma or doctrine and one in which there is no place for believers or followers. If an Osho insight or suggestion appeals, take it on board as a working hypothesis until that time your own experience endorses it or brings you to another understanding. Each of us needs to create our own, unique way towards growing up; that is, becoming fully conscious. See also The OSHO Vision.

It’s probably best to start with reading The OSHO Vision and then to pick the links towards the bottom of the page – such as. Osho on Meditation, Osho on Death and Dying – that most interest you. These links also lead to our Recommended Book Sections, which include introductions to books by Osho on the relevant subject. A wealth of Osho resources can also be found at www.osho.com

It’s never too late! And in fact because you are facing your imminent death you may be especially motivated to explore what meditation is. In other words: the lack of time can work in your favour! You might like to start by reading our Introduction to Meditation and then Choosing a Meditation Method. Meditations particularly suitable for those facing death in the near future can be found here.

Practical Questions

Currently we cannot provide such care on a regular basis. In addition to the website resources what we can offer is support through a skype or phone sessions. Please feel free to connect with us about home care; it may be that one of our members is free and able to be available.

As you might recall from childhood, attempting to persuade anyone to do something can be counter-effective! If and when the moment feels right, you might mention that in looking through our website you found some interesting articles or a quote, and so on, that you think she might appreciate too. Then it is up to her to take the next step.

In addition, if she is willing you might like to explore guiding her in a simple relaxation meditation – see Leading a guided meditation for someone who is ill or dying.

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