This section is a resource for those in the following situations:

Links to certain aspects of encountering our death – such as the nature of death; fear as one of various issues; whether the dying person should be told they are dying; meditation as a way to learn the path into dying and related resources

Links to resources at this important phase of your life, including how to respond to the issues that you might be facing, and die consciously

Familiarise yourself with the many resources available, from suggestions when visiting the dying (including creating rapport and other communication tips), to how to guide someone in meditation, and how to care for yourself as a carer.

There are many issues that are common to all the above, though you may find it helpful to go to the specific section above for more direct help.

Meditation and Conscious Dying

Why meditate?

Woman and astral body - bardo workshop

What dies?

What exactly do we mean by ‘death’? What is it that is going to die?

Meditation as a window into dying

Meditation as a window into dying

The value of meditation in daily living is well known. Less commonly understood is meditation’s potential in facilitating a peaceful, even joyful, death.

Flowing with life

Meditations for the dying

Meditation methods can be used by anyone to return to a natural state of inner peace and stillness. We offer various methods for dying and pain-management along with suggestions for guiding a dying person into their inner world.

Exeter sarcophagus

Osho on death & dying

A selection of quotes, discourses excerpts, books, audios and videos

Comment mourir consciemment

How to die consciously

A series of articles: How to Die Consciously – Staying conscious in the moments of dying – Signs to know the time of death – Fear – Knowing ourselves beyond the body and mind – Watching your own death

Issues and emotions around dying

Issues as dying

Issues that may arise in dying

An overview of some of the issues together with recommendations as to how to address the emotional changes that are likely to occur.

Fearful man

Emotional changes

Understanding some of our emotional triggers and the feelings that might accompany us in sickness and/or dying

Emotional Ecology

Emotional Ecology

A series of articles relating to the emotions: Finding calm – Allowing the feeling – To fight or flow – Positive thinking vs vigilant realism – Choiceless awareness

Articles on Dying

Maneesha on Dying

Articles on Death & Dying by Maneesha

Interviews with Maneesha over a period of years in various countries

Telling someone they are dying

Telling someone they are dying

A 3-part series of articles: Should We Tell Someone They Are Dying? –The Benefits – How to have the conversation

Planning and practicalities

Looking at options and concerns for the end of life, includes:

Patient looking at document

Planning for the end of life

The benefits of planning ahead; the areas you need to consider and some helpful resources

Old lady with nurse

End of life care

Some resources to help you decide on where you would like to spend your final days; and the type of care available to a dying person and carers.

Dead leaf with raindrops

Practical resources for death & dying

A list of resources and services in the UK and some in the US

Workshops on Dying

A summary of OSHO Sammasati and other workshops offered internationally that focus on bringing a new understanding to dying. These aim to enable participants to face their own death with equanimity and to support others in doing the same. See workshops

Guide to visiting the dying

Guide to Visiting the DyingOur free guide gives suggestions about connecting with loved ones at the end of life. Based on the recognition that many of us are fearful, insecure and awkward around meeting with death in this way, it provides simple guidance, tips and resources to help us be there for our loved ones. Access the Guide

Death & Dying Toolkit

Death & Dying ToolkitA comprehensive selection of resources from this website and external sources for those facing death in the short or longer term (i.e. all of us!). Whilst many of the resources are also applicable to carers, please see the Carer Toolkit for additional resources if you are caring for (or visiting) a dying loved one or are a health professional. If death is imminent, see the Final-Days’ Pack. This includes a small selection of resources most appropriate for this time.


A brief overview of the Toolkit:

Coming to Terms with Reality: Facing the fact of death – Facing your own imminent death – Telling someone they are dying

Meditation, Dying Consciously and Resources includes: Meditation methods for dying (and how to guide a meditation) – Osho on dying – How to die consciously – Resources for reflection

Meditation & Emotions includes: Receiving a terminal diagnosis – Issues arising for the dying – Emotional changes and meditation – Resources and resilience

Meditation & Body includes: Complementary therapies – Being with pain – Coma

Practicals includes: Planning for the end of life – End of life care – Support Networks – Practical Resources (mainly UK currently) – After Death

Other Resources includes: A Guide to Visiting the Dying (our free eBook) – Workshops on Dying – Blog – Humour – Recommended reading

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Miscellaneous Resources

Most resources can be found in our Death & Dying Toolkit.

Additional resources:

At a Death Cafe people, often strangers, gather to eat cake, drink tea and discuss death. Our objective is ‘to increase awareness of death with a view to helping people make the most of their (finite) lives.’ In 31 countries

Good Life Good Death Good Grief

An organisation working to make Scotland a place where there is more openness about death, dying and bereavement

Interesting Facts about Dying

Some Light Relief


After Death

After Death Section

Includes: Practicalities after a death – Care of the body – Burial, cremation or other – Funerals – Celebration – Bereavement and grief

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