In this section you can find the articles and resources in our Meditation Toolkit that are most suitable for those in a good state of health. For those new to meditation, some useful guidance is given in our Meditation section. You might also like to check out Maneesha’s site on Active Meditations.

Osho on Health

Pillar of health

The Four Pillars of Health

True health starts with a healthy consciousness: Osho describes the ‘four pillars’ that constitute it.

The Middle WayThe Body as a temple

The Middle Way

Osho talks about how to nourish the body and how to nourish the soul – two essential aspects of health.

Boys running - short Osho quotes on health

Short Quotes on Health

A collection of short quotes on health by Osho

Osho on Ageing & Maturity

Enjoy maturity and wrinklesA selection of Osho talks including: Qualities of a mature person – Fear of ageing – Growing up or growing old – Enjoy wrinkles and all.  Read more





Articles on Health, Ageing & Maturity

Meditators facing garden - meditation & resilience

Meditation and Resilience

Meditation as key to building or maintaining your emotional integrity and strength – in everyday life and in trying situations.

Managing emotions - Throwing out negativity meditation at OSHO Sammasati

Managing emotions with meditation

Accept it, express it, mobilise it, unfreeze it and watch it – are among some meditative approaches to support you in being with whatever feeling you have.

Bee on a flower meditation

Other general meditation articles by Maneesha

Includes: On not getting a grip – The dance of dualities – Living in the vertical reality – Jogasana – Relax! It takes no time at all

Meditation Toolkit

Meditation Toolkit at OSHO Sammasati

The Meditation Toolkit provides an easy way to find all the resources you need to learn or practise meditation and to support others in doing so, whatever the state of health. It includes:

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Recommended Meditations

Osho on Meditation

Meditation Resources

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Guiding Someone in Meditation

Articles on Meditation by Maneesha James

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