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‘My individual sessions provide an opportunity to discuss whatever issue there might be in your life right now. For example, related to meditation, work, relationships, any aspects regarding personal growth and existential questions. I’m especially passionate about issues relating to being in a health crisis – that is, all psychological and spiritual aspects of sickness and dying.

‘In my experience, through talking to someone by whom you do not feel judged, but understood and respected, you can find your own way to insights and greater clarity.
Confidentiality, your right to privacy, is respected at all times.

‘I am happy to conduct sessions via Skype, in particular for those who are facing death or supporting others in doing so. If you’d like to talk about how counselling or psychotherapy can help, please contact me.


Read more about Maneesha here and some testimonials about her sessions below:


RajanI have had both individual sessions and been a participant in workshops lead by Maneesha. In our one-on-one work her relaxed presence held me in a safe space, which allowed me to intimately explore my own issues. Her presence gave me the capacity to have compassion for myself.

Maneesha truly embodies an unconditional, loving awareness laced with wisdom, truth and beauty. Within the group process I still remember Maneesha’s ability to embrace everyone in the group equally. I have been involved in many groups over the past thirty years, with many group leaders, and Maneesha’s groups are at the very top of my list for the quality, intention, care and understanding that she shares so abundantly. (Rajan, UK)


Ajita I was translator for the many sessions Maneesha conducted in Japan in 2014. It was a unique and precious experience. Clients came with different reasons and needs – such a diversity. With each one she was just there with a clear presence, open and joyfully listening to them and then often suggesting a meditation technique or method as needed. The suggestions were all very simple and basic, yet clearly going amazingly deep, which looked quite magical.

Her trust in her clients and in existence is absolute. Even with challenging clients she was so relaxed and unhesitatingly able to cut through the mental cobwebs. Sometimes the three of us had tears of joy and gratitude. What a blessing! Thank you for this wonderful opportunity. (Ajita, Tokyo, Japan)


Satya SubodTo me Maneesha is a gem, a rare person who still continues Osho’s work or whatever you want to call it, for which I am grateful. I worked on my relationship with my parents, especially with my father. Maneesha was very kind and loving, listening to me patiently, asking questions which helped me to see what it was that was unconsciously prodding me into anger, hatred etc.

Maneesha genuinely felt for me and followed up with me even from Australia. This really helped me immensely as I needed this attention during that time. Something has changed in the way I relate with my parents. I feel unburdened as somehow, mysteriously, I am openly communicating my deeper processes to my parents. This has helped me go deeper in my meditation in my life and stand up for myself.” (Satya Subod, India)


Alvina testimonialIn the first week of January I was suddenly confronted very closely with the dying process of my sister. I went into a kind of shock, as I had not known that my sister was sick. In this situation Maneesha James was of incredible help for me. She guided me through the process, and helped me confront the reality of my sister’s dying, and to just be with her and help her to relax. Maneesha also supported me in taking time to relax with myself, to gather again energy to be with my sister through the days and nights.

“Nothing to do. Just hold her hand, if that’s what she would like, and meditate”. Remembering these words from her, I could allow a non-doing, non-fighting way of being with the situation, as there was nothing anymore to fight for. When my sister was actively dying Maneesha was available by phone and coached me through, making me aware that my sister now only needed to hear that she was loved, that she could relax into the process, that everything was okay. With Maneesha’s support I could help my sister to let go, to relax and to leave with more peace in her heart.

I see now that it was the authority, the deep understanding of death process, from where Maneesha spoke, which helped me so much to trust in what was happening. I am extremely thankful to her that she helped me and my sister to move towards gratitude, love and relaxation instead of drama and pain. (Alvina Gohl, Berlin, Germany)


Naveen testimonialThere was a time that I had been unable to celebrate life, as if living was meaningless. I started to see Maneesha for counselling. Since the first conversation with her, my life started to become juicy again, as she helped me to identify the causes of my unhappiness.

The most profound assistance from her was that she cured my sleep apnoea, a sleeping disorder that was responsible for me being sleep deprived and lacking energy the next day to run daily activities. She also helped me to improve my relationship with myself and with my husband. I am grateful to Maneesha for her supportive and practical approach, that today many people around me are benefiting from me being alive again. (Naveen Girouda, Western Australia)


Vistar testimonialMy sessions with Maneesha provided me with an opportunity to examine in-depth the cause of my issues that were creating disharmony and confusion in me. The sessions gave me an opportunity to come back in touch with my centre through awareness and acceptance.

Maneesha’s vast experience with so many meditation techniques helped me to move from identification with the mind to the space of meditation. Working with Maneesha was a truly transforming experience. Thank you Maneesha! (Vistar, Sydney)



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