A selection of participant testimonials from our workshops. More testimonials can be found on the individual workshop pages, individual sessions pages and also on facilitator biographies.

The Tantra of Living & Dying

I really appreciate the way you two work together and your lightness of touch with what could be a heavy topic. I wish we could continue to explore together in this open space.

(Sudhir, UK)

It was a dream come true to have been able to participate in your workshop. I was really 'blown away' with the meditations that we did and specially appreciated learning the breath one: such a simple and beautiful technique that allowed me to go deep inside myself. So many doors were open, and keep opening right now, with awareness and sensitivity.

(Sanjiva, Chile)

This workshop in many beautiful ways provided deep experiences of meditation. Many times I enjoyed a relaxation so profound it went right to the centre of my being. I also had a deep look at mortality and immortality, as two sides of the one coin. As well, I was fascinated to experience and witness how much the breath, used with awareness, is the doorway to life, to energy – that it is a physical experience as well as the bridge to timelessness and deathlessness.

I took away with me a more grounded sense of oneness, a tendency to be more tuned in and able, more and more, to live life from the core as a natural flow, moment to moment, step by step, breath by breath. The workshop also gave me the opportunity to integrate the blissful death of my Beloved, to see once more how graced and blessed I was to be with him in life and through all the stages of dying and to see myself in the mirror of that great love that never dies, befriending more and more my own mortality and immortality.

The watcher is your eternity: I always loved that sentence of Osho, and that became certainly more of a reality.

(Prabodhi Parna)

From the first meditation I realised I was not feeling my usual, chronic pain. Now, days afterwards, it is much easier to go to the space of being relaxed even though I know the pain is there — but I don’t feel it. This workshop takes you into a place of peace, relief and emptiness, and of being one with the other. It is a gentle and loving introduction to the subject of death.


A fabulous experience...ecstatic! For me the workshop is about being okay with what is in the moment...about relaxing into it and letting go. It’s understanding we are in death and life at the same time; it’s a continuum. Understanding that— that it is one process, like in and out breathing — then there is no sense of separation. Death then becomes less scary.


A very deep, opening workshop. In real life I am open but I wear something like a cocoon around me. In the last day my heart really opened and I lost all the masks. The process enables one to really feel. You can go so deep and really start relating to others. It can be a real melting into the other.


An Experiential Enquiry Into Death

I managed to survive ‘The Experiential Enquiry into Death' and I am heartfully revived, refreshed and so happy to be alive again!!

It was an intense process. We were encouraged to dive deep inside ourselves to confront what it would be like to die. We had the opportunity to bring to life our hidden fears, attitudes, beliefs and hitherto unknown responses to leaving the body. Via deep reflection, various meditations and scenarios, we were carried on a journey of experiencing and expressing the hidden truths behind the shallow walls of personality.

I watched these walls made of ego crumble in myself and other participants from all over the world. There is something so incredibly humbling about sharing such an intimate experience of letting go with others also facing death. Amongst the grief, fear, denial, anger, sadness and resistance there was love, letting go, laughter and tears. There was the freshness of an emerging human spirit connected in the sameness of the heart. The lightness of being that arises out of awareness when we remember that we are not the body or the mind. We are not our thoughts or our feelings ...we are so much more. We are also love and light.

This process was about discovering and experiencing our most precious inner resources of self love and compassion for the self and all others. This and awareness is the only resource we will carry to the grave when life as we know it disappears. Imagine not having that when you are imprisoned in a dying body with no autonomy at all. Imagine saying goodbye to everyone and everything forever, without that.

To know and experience that which never dies inside the self is to me the ultimate freedom. Remembering it and carrying that into lifes every moment is so important. I am so grateful to Osho and Maneesha James and crew for making this opportunity available. (Sadhana)

[Since the workshop]I have realised how many more challenges I have to face. The comfort and ease of my leaving this life is up to me to a great degree. Some of the discomfort of death, be it known of or sudden, can be dealt with now. Other parts can be worked on from now. But I also have learnt to open my eyes wider to what is my life now...not to analyse it but to live it more consciously...not try to solve the puzzle, as I have struggled with in the past, but just to go with it...trust it, moving towards what we all know is inevitable with a smile...embracing it all.

(K. Rudder, UK)

I have done many meditations, workshops and group processes: in them I never felt I could go into tears as easily as laughter. Even during any cathartic session or long 'flushing' sessions I could never touch that emotion in me.
This workshop was unique in that I could connect with my emotions very easily, and that felt like the ultimate luxury. Why this group experience worked, compared with other ways, is because of the element of love in it.
I had thought before the workshop, that I need to 'live my life' before contemplating on death. In fact I can and will contemplate on death in life, in parallel with the enjoyment of life. I feel the seeds of enquiry on life, death and love have been planted inside me. I am going to nurture them for the rest of my life.

(Dr S Nagaraju, India)

[Since the workshop] fear of death and dying has given way to a huge curiosity, and excitement and a desire to go and experience this journey; I am present to the fact that I may die at any moment. I can't feel dying as a big problem any more, I see it as a logistical incompletion (wills, power of attorney, decisions etc), and opportunity, another lap of a journey. I feel as if I have died and been reborn into my own daily life; so it has a different feel, there is a slightly different edge to everything, as if I am a stranger in town seeing all that is going on impartially, dispassionately, and I am also here enjoying it all the more, at the same time.

(Gabrielle Paras Richards, UK)

I have done many groups and courses in my life; this was the best ever. I had a sense of waking up, of greater connection with my body, and seeing life as a dream. There was such loving energy throughout, in the workshop, and for me personally a great amount of learning, and golden keys to work on myself in my everyday living.

(Cristina Grassl, Italy)

My whole life style and priorities have changed much in the last year and further since our group. Living a life where each moment I am preparing for my own death is very different from living with the focus on being right, getting a date, making money, avoiding pain, etc. Long story short, I sit quietly for many hours a day with a level of peace I have never known before. I move when I am ready, and before long, look forward to sitting again. I have found a child-like interest in my sitting, a vitality unknown to me in the past.

(Nityanando, USA)

In a way the [first module of the Sammasati Support-Person] training has been an exercise in sobering me, in grounding me more, in bringing my understanding closer to basics facts in life about this body, this life, this human nature. While I would have thought that abandoning so many old dreams, fantasies and beliefs would create a sort of desperation and vacuum, interestingly enough, this process has not made me sad. Quite the opposite; in practical terms in my daily life it is making me bolder in that I am asking for what I want/need, very well knowing that this is the time (and no other in a future to come), that there might not be other chances, that there is no space for stupid fears or polite limitations. I ask more, I care less, I move faster or more decisively.
I think this training is coming to my life in the right moment. Many other processes converge in this moment. It seems the time is ripe for this training to create a big breakthrough for me and in my understanding of life. This workshop has switched on a light in my awareness. I cannot see things as before. I am more conscious that everything has a beginning and an end, for instance.
A window has been opened where I can be more real. I no longer need to close my eyes to my imperfections in order to defend myself, and at the same time to pretend I am special. I can be me. There is a new acceptance of the little me. A new wave of health is coming up in my psyche. I am a human being. I am vulnerable. I am finite. And despite all that, I still can be. Life happens. I am myself. I, as a human being granted with awareness, am also a miracle. Things can be fascinating without needing to be anything in particular. I do not need to be special. I can be human, simple, weak, vulnerable, and still worthy.

(Priya Alvarez, Spain)

Every day was so full; every session, every exercise was so rich for me, and so much happened inside provoking insights in an exciting way. Maneesha and Sudheer were sensitively supporting, guiding and caring for us and seeing each one as an individual. Now out of the workshop and being back in my usual surroundings I realize even more how nourished and enriched I feel, how much my inner thirst was quenched.
Thanks a million times: thanks!

(Gandhraj, Germany)

A truly exquisite experience, beautifully choreographed from beginning to end, to give maximum benefit for living and dying. We were held and cared for so tenderly, allowing us to explore right to our limits and beyond.
The dying process is a time of heightened awareness, which enabled all the exercises and meditations to be highly potent in their transformative capacity. This is a really important workshop for anyone on the spiritual path and highly effective as a tool for transformation. This workshop is as much about living more fully as it is about dying more fully! What a gift.

(Gwen Atwood, UK, Midwife)

I experienced a lot of intensive, penetrating stuff in the first module of The Sammasati Support-Person Training last month, but it is not just about ‘feeling good’, ‘intensive emotion’ ,’ insight’, ‘bliss’ or a ‘sense of expansion,' etc. Yes, they are so beautiful, but those experiences come and go. The most important thing for me is that, in this workshop, I got the taste of ‘the changeless,’ the witness, the vast sky holding everything, holding this such-ness…. The structure Maneesha and Sudheer facilitate really helps to make meditation and breaking through easier and I feel immensely grateful ….
Death is like a mirror that reflects honestly what really works and what doesn't. The intellectual ideas (especially the ‘spiritual’ stuff) – no matter how beautiful they are, if they are not really experiential, if they are not embodied, won't be much help and can even be harmful. I have seen many people on their death bed, seen the suffering and all kinds of defence mechanisms of avoidance. And yes, I have those mechanisms too. Some of them are so subtle that they really need a lot of awareness and clarity to work through. I am so happy that I have this training to support me. The whole process is so transformative, so organic and so powerful. I feel so alive, so joyful, so full of wonder and enjoying the peace of mind at the same time. And so much more is still cooking.

(Anusha; Taiwan; Doctor)

It's great that you are bringing this work to a wide and diverse audience. I feel very privileged to have been a participant. I can feel that there has been a real shift in me and that I am already living my life differently now.
It is interesting to me how the process is unfolding and how the breakthroughs I made are beginning to ripple through my life in many new and interesting ways. Somehow I was living in fear, lacking the honesty to really ask life what I wanted and the courage to let go of the things that were no longer serving me. I am re-discovering a greater sense of resolve to really 'milk' every moment for all the joy it can bring to myself and others. Thank you for the opportunity to attend this unique experience.

(Andrew Bradford, UK, GP (doctor) & Rehabilitation Physician)

This is actually a workshop that teaches you not only how to die consciously but also how to live totally and consciously I know that that this experience will affect the way I live from now on inasmuch as I will not postpone anything for the future, but keep the remembrance that life is here now. Thank you, beloved Maneesha and Sudheer, for sharing. It is a gift!
The workshop was a very profound experience, bringing me back to the essential in me, my original face. I am carrying this fragrance and remembrance with me – even more than before, nourished and stronger and deeper in me.

(Sindhu Arora, UK/India, Meditation Facilitator & Healing Therapist)

I have to bow down to The Sammasati Project and its facilitators. The workshop brought up so many realizations in me, surprises all the way through, which culminated in the understandings that there is no death and that I am ready to leave at any time. Now I carry all my beloveds in my heart so that I can feel them in every breath of my life, can feel this non-separation, and ‘use’ them as a door to open my love to the whole humanity. I feel a more loving involvement with everything and, at same time, there is no entanglement. There is the freedom and liberation.
Just as you can dilute apple juice and take 70 years to drink it, or you can drink the densest juice in one gulp – the workshop is just like this. When you squeeze your whole life into four days you encounter the juiciness of life itself… and life is wisdom. Did I touch death or life? There is light and love, beauty and joy.
I know that everything is available in this very moment throughout the whole universe. I am so grateful that I am a human being so that I can exercise my own choice, to choose what I want to be.

(Limin Han, UK/China, Statistician/Mathematician)

I would very much recommend this workshop for anyone who would like to explore their thoughts and feelings about the most relevant and taboo subject of all, in a safe and loving group context. The workshop introduces many wonderful meditation techniques and practices which enable participants to go deeply into this subject in a very personal and powerful way. I loved the periods of silence, and also the dancing and celebration of life.
I gained a very ‘visceral’ knowing that I am not my body (if this is possible!). It is hard to describe but there was a sense of myself as awareness. There was also a softening and opening around fears of death/the unknown and a deep compassion for my own and others’ attempts to find happiness in life experiences.
In my work in a hospice I feel more sensitive to how being in the hospice environment might impact on a patient’s feeling of control over their lives, and the need to respect their fluctuating needs for independence and assistance. I also have more empathy with people who are frail and unable to take care of themselves and are struggling with this. There is now a greater understanding of and ability to open up to my own and other people’s fears and feelings about death. I feel more able to initiate conversations about death and dying with friends, colleagues and patients.
I am less afraid of death being with me each day, as a tangible reality which has mystery and also intrigue. I’m more interested and curious about it. There’s an understanding that really knowing myself as awareness offers freedom from much of the suffering of life and fears around death. I feel deep compassion for friends and patients who are struggling with fear and anxiety about death, and have a wish to be able to comfort them and feel more open and available to patients who are dying. I am also less afraid of the grief I might experience when caring for them; using the heart-centred breathing has been very helpful with this.
After the workshop I felt a renewed joy at being alive. Life feels more precious, and it feels less important that things go my way. I have a sense of welcoming all experiences and feeling more connected to the ‘witness,’ that watching aspect within me.

(Maggie Armour, UK, Hospice Nurse)

Beloved Maneesha, I'm very grateful for the group! I have not yet fully understood or experienced how deep it went or will go. It seems to have created a big momentum that will continue, and I’m looking forward to continue to explore.

I feel extra open and have been extra eager to show my love to friends, or let them know in an sms. Suddenly I wrote to my half-brother in Sweden. We didn't meet for 15 years – all kind of excuses from both sides. And suddenly I was sooo welcome – a good important meeting/ "Take action in life where needed, don't let it float out in the sand somewhere, letting time just pass and then dying."

We had a big taste of how death might be and can be now, too, in the small deaths every day. Some of the deep meditations that I used to fear a bit or feel partly uncomfortable in, this time I could receive them and be much more relaxed than before.

I'm happy about the balance there was in the workshop between love – sharing-hugging-singing-holding hands-eye-contact – and aloneness : relaxation-meditations-meeting a bit of fear for death. and some loneliness in the Darkness Meditation and OSHO Bardo.

Love and being together created so much trust, happiness and relaxation. And then I also mean your love and openness – your eyes, sweet smiles and warm hugs! – and also the warmth shared with [helpers] Ritama, Ojas and Satmarga.

So death, as Osho says, nearly disappeared, or the fear of it, because love was pumped into us and left no space for tension and fear.

Thank you sooo much!!!
With much love
Dr Maud Christensen

(Dr Maud Christensen)

Doing Dying Differently

What I most appreciated about this workshop is that it happened with love, sincerity and consciousness. It was great to be able to experience Osho meditations; to have a variety of meditative methods to practice is a valuable component. The dialogue was valuable that the group had about the real meaning of what a conscious death is, identifying what needs to be in place and also what qualities a support person might need to help this happen.

The music throughout was beautiful and there was a very light, humorous atmosphere created about an otherwise-difficult, taboo subject. I was able to allow the fears I have about dying to surface and able to accept, too, when there was resistance to them. So I’ve come away with more acceptance of my own dying and the possibility of my being available for someone else who is dying.

(Amitabh, UK)

I got a lot out of the discussion within the group about what we understand by ‘conscious death’, as well as being able to bring issues from the workplace into the workshop, and so ‘keeping it real. I very much enjoyed all the meditations, and am very happy to learn that relaxation can be a portal to conscious dying as this may be a wonderful way to work with patients who are not ‘spiritual’ or willing to use that language. Relaxation is a wonderful gateway – and people enjoy it and are not frightened of it.

I realise there is little on the external level which is absolutely necessary for a conscious death. I understand that preparation/training can really help and may be necessary so that when I die I can use these skills to work with fear and resistance, so I am glad I am learning all these amazing techniques. I feel very uplifted that there are many ways I can help influence, encourage, be with and support myself and others, at the time of death, in subtle and more direct ways. Opening up the topic of death in the training is affecting my life in many ways – and already the fear has lessened. Really appreciate the warmth and genuineness of the two facilitators.

(Maggie Armour, UK, Hospice Nurse)

Fundamentally, participating in the Doing Dying Differently workshop brought together all kinds of experiences and half-sensed inklings/fantasies/ideas and turned them into a coherent whole. It reaffirmed that there is only NOW really, and that there is no distinction between living and dying, in a sense. It also reaffirmed the qualities I would like to nourish in my life and how to do that – practical strategies. I was also helped to begin to find a language to reach out to others who maybe have different philosophies, beliefs and experiences but with common human needs e.g. to feel at peace, seen, respected.

In addition the workshop made some of the assumptions of ‘the medical approach’ crystal clear to me and shed some light on my own too! I saw the necessity, too, to change my inner world as much as the outer world. There was much more besides this: the days together in this module were such a privilege, such a blessing….

(Jill, UK)

I took part in this workshop because I want to go deeper into meditation and to become more aware of how to die consciously. In both aspects I feel richly rewarded. The various meditations gave me new insights, a sense of more knowing, and more profound silences, this time without the old fear of going deep. I appreciated most the loving and caring attitude of Maneesha and Sudheer – the facilitators – and that of my fellow participants.

(Sonal, UK)

I really appreciated the way this workshop was facilitated – the easiness, the lightness and the playfulness, and with lots of love and sincerity. I enjoyed the short meditation techniques, finding them very easy to do and handy; they were deep and delicious. I am accepting myself more as I am, loving and being compassionate with myself. There is more and more remembrance of the essential in me, more totality and being present to my life… enjoying the suchness of things. These qualities flowing through me now may be part of the support I can give to someone for whom I am caring. (Sindhu Arora, UK/India, Meditation Facilitator & Healing Therapist)

(Sindhu Arora, UK/India, Meditation Facilitator & Healing Therapist)

It was a beautiful experience to be in the group, ‘Doing Dying Differently,’ with Maneesha and Sudheer at the Osho Meditation Resort in Pune. Though generally a ‘gentle’ group, I found it taking me to the edge of life and death.

It allowed me to live the moment so intensely, where I saw death and life as two sides of the same coin. It also gave me a great insight into how to live life each moment with an intensity that enables one to be prepared for death in each passing moment. This could help me in the death process myself and also allow me to help close ones to ‘let go’ in their process of death and to live this moment of life completely.

Working as a doctor and attending to many patients and their relatives who are near their moment of death, I became aware of how this aspect of a beautiful transition (or one might say, the culmination) of life into death can transform a person and his family completely. Yet it is ignored in modern medicine. It is something so invaluable that it should be somehow incorporated in all hospitals; to facilitate this there should be a ‘Death Centre’ in each hospital. This experience would be something so deep, and one which could help people enormously.

Thank you once again, Maneesha and Sudheer, for facilitating this. I would certainly love to involve myself in any such work that you do.

(Hemen Jaju, Craniofacial Surgeon; Ahmedabad, India)

In Rapport (formerly Being-There-for-the-Other Skills During Illness & Dying)

What I learned the most is how to be with a dying person in a deeply relaxed, silent and compassionate way. I really feel it would be an honoured and precious experience to be with a dying person.

(Prem Marga, China)

I liked all the methods and exercises. The way you, the facilitators, conducted the workshop, your gentle and sincere approach, affected me strongly. I think what you are making available through the OSHO Sammasati workshops will become a great science to help people die consciously.

(Somraj, Pathologist, India)

I found that when there is respect, rapport, stillness and unconditional love from the support person for a dying person, death can be the peak of life… even an orgasmic experience, as all senses can be met in a tender way. If I were to die with such support, I feel I could listen to the echo of this final showering and depart in peace from the earthly temple of my soul.

From the In Rapport workshop and the past support I experienced in other OSHO Sammasati workshops, I am learning more and more to stay aware and to use my intuition in order to be in tune with the needs of the ill or dying person, so they feel loved and met in their dignity.

(Parna, Switzerland)

Some of the big, challenging topics – such as accompanying a dying person – are not that difficult to me now. I gained many small but practical and effective methods to support the other.

During the workshop I also let go of more of my judgments about dying. It is now a more natural thing to me and being with a dying person has become easier for me now.

(Sumana, China)

Learning these skills was very beautiful for me – maybe it was more of an unlearning, or awareness of how we normally relate & how to be more in an allowing and non-interfering space. Playing the different roles of the dying person, perhaps in pain, angry or depressed, the support person or the observer, felt a surprisingly real & very useful exercise.

I feel that in my experiences since, including in such situations, I have much more awareness of the effect of every word I say, every move I make and I am very grateful.

(Yatro, UK, Administrator, Carer, Complementary Health Practitioner)

Squeeze the Juice of Life

Learning how to start centred in my Hara in my daily life routine is helping me to surf life with a different awareness. To connect with the heart is a must but to be aware where centre of your being is makes you less fragile and with less fear of life and death.

(Sanjiva, Tokyo)

I’ve moved out of my head and for the first time connected with my body. Before, I couldn’t feel anything but now I am noticing new sensations, and I’m really happy about that!

(Svetlana, Siberia)

This was my first workshop ever. I came with the desire to find the path to myself — and I found it. I also fell in love with my body, which I discovered has so much aliveness, and with my mind, which allows me to understand and accept. The many methods we used: I need them all! They have huge potential for my personal growth.

(Rima, Siberia)

I really liked learning how to listen from my heart — it is so much easier than the way we usually listen: analysing and judging – and knowing the space when the mind is silent.

(Dimitri, Siberia)

Something has happened inside for me around growing up. All the fight, all the resistance – they have dropped, and I feel I have become more mature.

(Larissa, Siberia)

I feel fulfilled. All the pieces of the puzzle have come together.

(Iiona, SIberia)

Thank you for this incredible experience called “Squeeze the Juice of Life!” What a loving and fun workshop! The meditations for moving to the Hara were so pertinent for me! I love to be in my heart but I desperately need more centering in my life. After this weekend, I now have great new meditations to help me stay flexible and balanced! Thank you, beloved Maneesha! I can't wait for your next retreat here.

(Jagritta Buddhen, Austin, Texas)

Thank you, Maneesha, Your workshop was amazing and challenging, it help me reach a true contact with my being. All the meditation techniques gave me tools to get in contact with to my inner self in different ways; It was great to feel so much Joy, Compassion and Love. I hope to see have you around us again! Keep spreading the Celebration, Joy, Peace and Love... Namaste!

(Alan, Austin, Texas)

Living with the Inescapable

Participants write of being more able to embrace death while at the same time feeling more ready to live; of having less fear and of gaining many insights. The structure of the workshop and the sense of being ‘held’ were also significant features.

'Living with the Inescapable’ was one of the most incredible experiences of my life. I can tell now it has changed some perspectives on how I’m living… what I'm losing when I don't enjoy the present. After the experience of ‘dying,’ everything changed.
It was a wonderful team as well. Thanks to both you and Sanjiva.

(Toni Fernandez Brugues)

I left this weekend with so much positive and loving energy. The meditations really helped me to be more in contact now with my fears around living and dying. Your voice really brings me to a deeper level of consciousness -- a present to be grateful for! Through your meditations I will make some time each day to be still and to contemplate the wisdom of the Radiant Center in my life.
I will take at heart what you told us, Maneesha: the qualities I am developing in daily life are the qualities I can take with me after dying.... The energyfield of love you spread around you was touching and healing.
'What a joy! Thanks for everything.

(Mariette Hoff )

The workshop was very insightful. It has given me tools to see death with a new perspective and also to support someone who is going through the last phase. Thank you so much.

Thank you so much for sharing Osho’s meditations with me today. I thought the structure of today’s workshop was perfect and you held the group firmly and with so much kindness and acceptance. I hope everyone everywhere gets to take your workshop.

Thank you for this workshop! I feel like I’ve made great strides towards embracing death rather than fearing it, and I also feel excited to really live and enjoy the life I have right now. I like how you use meditations. It helped to reduce and transform the fear.

Maneesha. Wonderful. Have gotten some wonderful insights about the process of dying and living. Essentially the biggest insight I’ve gotten was that I have the freedom to live my life totally: it’s my choice, my freedom and in having that freedom it has given me an exhilarating feeling


Beloved Maneesha, the workshop was very insightful. It helped me clear up my relationship where I had been stuck. It has also given me tools to see death with a new perspective and also to support someone who is going through the last phase. Thank you so much.


This workshop was very unique and wonderful. I appreciated the soft energy of love and awareness that we learned to share with others at the time of dying. It was a wonderful opportunity to meet people on the path, fellow seekers, and to connect heart-to-heart.

Meditation for Busy People

There were so many fantastic experiences that I haven't been able to put my feelings into words yet. I had the book (Osho’s Meditation for Busy People) and tried some techniques in advance, but the course far exceeded my expectation! Thank you for the wonderful workshop!

(Dhyan Amiti)

‘I enjoyed this workshop very much. I don’t have words for this great experience. Before the workshop, I felt like a Buddha statue or a dead person. I liked the death meditation and lived by avoiding the marketplace. There was silence but no colours. I thought that something was strange.

‘In the workshop Maneesha carried a lot of laughter and the fragrance of Osho and the art of living. I discovered that I'm not a statue, but I feel now like a baby. I'm enjoying my body and the marketplace because of meditation. We can carry the winds of Pune in Shibuya.
‘My favourite method is ‘Include everything in your being.’ There are no enemies – nothing to fight or resist anymore! So now, I'm very relaxed.
Thank you very much, Maneesha and friends!

(Anama Prem)

Support-Person Training 2013

One of the guest presenters at what is now known as The OSHO Sammasati Experience, author and former palliative-care consultant, along with some of the participants speak of the highlights for them.

It was a pleasure to work with people who had clearly done a lot of work on themselves spiritually, psychologically and bodily.
My impression is that their training had already had the effect of sensitising them to the effects of psychological trauma on pain and the dying process. I hope they find the Somatic Experiencing model gives them some useful ways of supporting the dying and those with chronic advanced illnesses to complement their other skills. It seems to me that their training will fit them well for the in-depth accompaniment needed in Support-Person work.
Please let everyone know how much I enjoyed working with them all last week and send them my best wishes for the future.”
(Dr Louis Heyse-Moore, former palliative-care physician of 28 years at St Christopher’s Hospice, London; counsellor and author of Speaking of Dying, after a day’s presentation on Pain Management, Coma and Consciousness for the OSHOsammasati support-person training 2013)

(Dr Louis Heyse-Moore, former palliative care physician & author)

As Osho has said many times our death is a pivotal moment in our life and, we have to be ready and prepared for this occasion. Here in the training we are taken on a journey to experience this fully through exercises, sharings and meditations. I am truly grateful to have been a participant. Slowly there has been a shift in my consciousness regarding death. I still have a long way to go, but I am much less afraid and am eager to explore more of this precious subject.

(Amitabh, UK)

As a hospice nurse I’ve realised anew that an open, grounded, relaxed presence is as important as any ‘technique.’ Apart from the ‘professional stuff,’ in reality the value of the experience is all embedded in ‘something else’ which is hard to define or even speak about. I suppose it is the expanded consciousness that is meditation.
In the final module of the training it felt as if everything came together somehow, especially my appreciation of all the people who were part of our one-year community, and especially of you, beloved Maneesha and Sudheer, and all you have given me/us. I can see how all the trainings together – the personal transpersonal, the felt sense of a greater reality, and the expansion of consciousness beyond all the (sometimes) everyday crap!

(Jill, UK, Hospice Nurse)

The experience of being part of a very supportive group and being ‘held’ safely by the group and both of the facilitators enabled me to dare to turn towards my own death and to explore, share and integrate whatever came up. My attitude towards death now is less fearful and this is a great relief. Facing my own death has also helped me, as a hospice nurse, to be more available to people who are dying. Through all the wonderful meditation methods we have learned, through discussions, teachings, tools and support, I also feel much more resourceful and skilled in supporting others who are facing death.
I feel very grateful to have had an insight into Osho’s meditations and teachings, and to have had the opportunity to experience these with a group of very loving and open people. I have felt very moved by the joyfulness and creativity at the heart of it all.

(Maggie Armour, UK, Hospice Nurse)

What a huge privilege to be prepared for our dying, to embrace our final hours…to relax into it…to cherish it. And in the process of all that, to cherish life! I loved the balance between dance and death, so to speak! The whole structure, inspired by Osho’s teachings, was a potent holding for this work. I really appreciate the depth, gravity and commitment to this work held by the course leaders. Bless all of you in this work, and bless Osho.

(Gwen Atwood, UK, Midwife)

Support-Person Training 2012

Italian, English, Indian, Swedish, Spanish and American – from a fire-fighter to a consultant neuro-pathologist – a diverse group provide, via video, an equally varied, positive response to the training, including unexpected side-effects such as dealing with grief and healing a mother-daughter relationship.

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