Sudheer P. Niet Facilitator at OSHO Sammasati

Sudheer offers the following sessions in some locations:

Meditation counselling

In Meditation Counselling you explore issues about meditation and find the space within where the issue can be seen clearly and dissolve by itself.


The ear micro-system, also referred to as auriculotherapy, was discovered by a French doctor, Dr. Nogier, in 1950 and then incorporated into Chinese medicine. Ear points are stimulated by electrical impulses and/or laser in this very safe, non-invasive, and repeatable method. These sessions create a balanced energy in the body and the client experiences a very deep relaxation, in which healing easily happens. I use Aura-Soma and soft suggestions in these sessions.

Osho Neo-Reiki

This is a soft, non-intrusive healing method which creates a meditative space. It is an inner journey that allows you to move deeply into your own healing energies, and to expand in sensitivity, trust, and awareness. The session can be hands-on, in the aura, or a combination of both.

Confidentiality, your right to privacy, is respected at all times.

If you would like to book an individual session with Sudheer, please contact the organiser of the various workshops he facilitates as shown on the Calendar.

Read more about Sudheer and testimonials of his work here.

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