This Meditation Toolkit provides an easy way to find all the resources you need to learn or practise meditation and to support others in doing so, whatever the state of health.


Newcomers to Meditation

If you have never meditated before or are still quite new to it, read our meditation articles (links to them are below) that explain what meditation is (and isn’t!) See also our suggestions about how to get started and the benefits you can experience.

What is Meditation?

What is Meditation?

Some definitions; characteristics by which the state of meditation can be recognised. Meditation as our essential nature.

The Role of the Mind at OSHO Sammasati

The Role of the Mind

About the nature of the mind and how, when you approach it rightly, rather than getting in the way of your finding inner peace, the mind can actually help you meditate.

Thinking, mindfulness & consciousness at OSHO Sammasati

Thinking, Mindfulness and Consciousness

Explains the difference, and it’s a significant one, between ‘being mindful, aware or conscious of’ and ‘thinking about.’

Death & dying images

Choosing a Meditation Method

Ways to find a method that works for you.

Japanese bridge

Special Points

Why the need for active meditations and the importance of being total in meditation but not pushing yourself.

The Benefits of Meditation at OSHO Sammasati

The Benefits of Meditation

Some of the many physical, psychological and spiritual benefits of meditation.

Getting Started with Meditation at OSHO Sammasati

Getting Started with Meditation

We look at some basic aspects to consider when you are starting out (or in!), including when and where to meditate.

Recommended Meditations

Meditation treesThis site offers a wealth of different meditations all developed or recommended by Osho. These methods can be used effectively regardless of whether you have any connection with Osho. They are compatible with whatever your religious or other beliefs.

Access the Index of Meditations. It provides a brief view of each meditation and the best time to practise it. For ease of access the methods are placed in categories and feature guidance:

We are regularly adding to the list of meditations, so do check back for new ones.

In addition to the above index of meditations, see the Meditation of the Day section on the homepage and other pages randomly featuring methods – perfect for those who like to be spontaneous (or who can’t decide!).

Osho on Meditation

Osho on meditation

Osho on Meditation

A selection of short quotes, discourse excerpts and video clips

Sammasati and Mindfulness

Right-mindfulness and Sammasati

If it is not a goal to be attained or something to practise, what exactly is ‘right-mindfulness’?

Meditation as a window into dying

Meditation as a Window into Dying

Foundational to OSHO Sammasati’s approach is meditation as a way to be more conscious in our dying as well as in our living. In this article we explore some of the ways in which meditation and dying are similar.

Meditation Resources

Music for meditation

Music to Meditate/Die By

Some general guidelines and specific suggestions


OSHO Bardo CD cover

Osho Bardo

This new CD (available in a limited edition) by Maneesha James & Sudheer P. Niet can be pre-ordered. It will also be available as a download.

Tuning into the Moment meditation at OSHO Sammasati

Tuning into the Moment

CD by Maneesha James with music by Sambodhi Prem. This guided meditation is created specifically for those new to meditation.

Include everything - facing our mortality

Free Guided Meditations

Short audios & videos with Maneesha & Sudheer

Meditation chair at OSHO Sammasati

Meditation Chairs & Other Accessories

Maneesha's recommendations

Meditation Workshops & Sessions

Everyday Meditator workshop at OSHO Sammasati - everyday meditation

The Everyday Meditator

Through practising a range of meditative techniques you’ll learn how to relax quickly and easily, remain centred, aware, loving & joyful regardless of external circumstances. Features several short method and those that can be instantly incorporated into your everyday routine.

Squeeze the Juice of Life at OSHO Sammasati - living fully

Squeeze the Juice of Life

This workshop provides a variety of meditative methods that can help us find those inner resources that enable us to live more consciously, more joyfully, more lovingly and with a greater appreciation of each moment. The various techniques create not only a recipe for living but also the best preparation for dying – without regrets and the anguish of an unfulfilled life.

Mediation for busy people

Meditation for Busy People

Many of us know we need meditation in our busy, stressful lives, but in a typical day we just don’t have the time or energy for an hour of meditation. Happily, there are many methods that don’t need a special time but which can be directly incorporated into whatever we are doing enabling you to bring the essence of meditation into your everyday living.

Workshops & Events at OSHO Sammasati

Meditation & Dying Workshops

Introductory events and a series of longer, meditation-based workshops to support us in dying without fear, and to help others to do the same.

Maneesha & Sudheer - facilitators at OSHO Sammasati

Individual sessions with Maneesha & Sudheer

Meditation counselling sessions available, also via Skype

Guiding Someone in Meditation

Guiding someone in meditation at OSHO Sammasati

How to Lead a Guided Meditation

Suggestions that even a non-meditator can use to guide another in meditation, whether they are healthy, ill or dying.

Knowing ourselves beyond the body and mind

Which Meditation Method is Best as a Guided Meditation?

Some suggestions and considerations

Leading a guided meditation for the ill or dying

Leading a Guided Meditation for Someone who is Ill or Dying

Some additional considerations including the person’s physical and mental state and the hospice or hospital environment; meditation as a rehearsal for dying, and for the last hour and minutes of a person’s dying.

Articles on Meditation by Maneesha James

Meditators facing garden - meditation & resilience

Meditation and Resilience

Meditation as key to building or maintaining your emotional integrity and strength – in everyday life and in trying situations.

Emotional Ecology

Emotional Ecology

A series of articles relating to the emotions: Finding calm – Allowing the feeling – To fight or flow – Positive thinking vs vigilant realism – Choiceless awareness

Managing emotions - Throwing out negativity meditation at OSHO Sammasati

Managing Emotions with Meditation

Accept it, express it, mobilise it, unfreeze it and watch it – are among some meditative approaches to support you in being with whatever feeling you have.

Meditation in precarious times

Meditation in Precarious Times

Moving into the vertical reality gives us an entirely new perspective on situations outside us and the changing experience inside too.

Meditation in the workplace

Meditation in the Workplace

We look at how to retain a meditative state even with the challenges often presented by the working environment.

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