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OSHO Sammasati: Dying – with a radical difference! What if death stopped being scary? If there were a way to get ready for it, just as for any journey? If you and those you love could die not only peacefully but joyfully?

The good news is that a lot of us are re-thinking the way we view death. We’re questioning the notion that wanting to know about death is a) morbid, b) anti-life and c) will bring it closer.

The OSHO Sammasati view is that (in the words of Dame Cecily Saunders, the founder of the Hospice Movement in the UK): Dying is as natural as being born.  And, as the contemporary mystic, Osho, puts it: We are all pregnant with our own death.

Our approach is: If you know that death is inevitable, and that brings up some fears and insecurities, why not accept that they’re there and see what they’re about now? Delaying that preparation until you’re breathing your last is like weaving your parachute when you’re already airborne. Or waiting til the baby is just about out before you decide to attend pre-natal classes!

The curious fact is that the deeper you delve into the subject of death, the more alive you feel. More and more people are publishing books about their last months and days of life.  They say that when they’ve admitted, ‘Yes, I am dying,’ their appreciation of life changes qualitatively.

Put it this way: When you know that there are a limited number of moments ahead of you, you value in a way you never did before each moment that you do have. Acknowledging that you have no future, that life can be terminated at any time, catapults you into what is right now.  Time expands. You relax and discover a wider sense of who you are. You begin to live with a passion, to love with an intensity you might never have known before.

They have been known to write – these people who are dying, who are having to say goodbye to all those they love, goodbye to life as they have known it – not of finally resigning themselves to their fate, not just of having reached a state of acceptance but of ecstasy.

When that’s been the flavour of your living, when your body breathes it last you can let it go without a fuss…peacefully and even with joy and gratitude.

Here’s another curious fact: That relaxed and yet fully aware state of living in the moment and to the maximum, of time expanding and your sense of yourself changing, of a heightened sense of connection, of aliveness and of ecstasy, is what many of us taste through meditation! Meditation is a natural route to not only living but dying too.


OSHO Sammasati advocates

  • living with vitality, totality and awareness
  • consciously preparing for a dying that’s less calamity and more celebration
  • meditation as a natural way to both of the above.

We have many resources to support you in living and dying consciously and to enable you to be there for those you love in such a way that they can do their dying differently. An essential key to what we offer is embodied in the meaning of ‘Sammasati.’ A key that is relevant for anyone, wherever you are and whatever you are experiencing.

Sammasati’ means ‘right remembering.’ That ‘right remembering’ is that we are more than simply a body and mind: we are awareness or consciousness. Right remembering is tuning into that space of observing, of simply noticing the ever-changing sensations of the body along with the thoughts and feelings of the mind. This is the essence of meditation.

Meditation is available to anyone, whatever your religious affiliations or lack thereof. We ascribe to no beliefs. The OSHO vision offers you the wisdom and experience of a mystic – insights to use, in Osho’s own words, only as a ‘working hypothesis.’ We support individual experimentation and the understanding that that inevitably provides. Hence our workshops are experiential, rather than theoretical.

As we see it, the support we offer others – in their living or dying – is bound to be qualitatively different when it is a product of our own experience, when we have explored the spaces of silence and letting go, when we understand what is in the way of our moving inwards and learn how to go deeper. So we recommend that we each become deeply familiar with the practice of meditation, and find an opportunity to explore what our own dying means to us through the relevant workshops.

Read some testimonials from workshop/event participants and from those who have been supported individually.

For more information on our approach, see The OSHO Vision.

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