Meeting challenges and change. Meditations, articles and resources to support you when you or those you are caring for are ill, in pain, unconscious or facing other health challenges or disabilities.

Health Challenges

So many issues can surface when we are unwell or otherwise disabled, such as financial concerns and responsibilities; pain; not knowing which treatment option to choose; feeling out of control and struggling with the need to depend on others.

And especially trying, perhaps, the insecurity of not-knowing: not knowing if and when you might recover; how total that recovery will be; not knowing what the likelihood of relapse is; and given that you have been told that there is no more that can be done for you, not knowing ‘how long you’ve got’ and how your final weeks and days will be.

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When Our Health is Challenged

We look at the various concerns that can emerge when we, or someone we are supporting is, diagnosed with an illness.


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Emotional changes

Understanding some of the triggers and emotional changes that might come up in sickness and/or dying

Dealing with emotions in illness

Dealing with Emotions in Illness & Dying

When you are seriously ill or dying, understandably many issues can come up for you and you may go through many emotional changes. It’s good, then, to be reminded of your resources and those which you can develop.

Emotional Ecology

Emotional Ecology

A series of articles relating to the emotions that might arise with serious illness or learning that you are dying: Finding calm – Allowing the feeling – To fight or flow – Positive thinking vs vigilant realism – Choiceless awareness

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The Laughter Connection

The healing power of laughter in relieving pain, reducing stress and more

Resilience and finding your internal resources

Treasure chest of resources

Remembering Your Resources

What influences the way we respond to stressors and react to crisis? Identifying and accessing the strengths you have and on which you can build.

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What is resilience? How to strengthen and activate it so it can help you in times of need?

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Meditation and Resilience

Meditation as key to building or maintaining your emotional integrity and strength – in everyday life and in trying situations.

Meditation in precarious times

Meditation in precarious times

Moving into the vertical reality gives us an entirely new perspective on situations outside us and the changing experience inside too.

Managing emotions - Throwing out negativity meditation at OSHO Sammasati

Managing emotions with meditation

Accept it, express it, mobilise it, unfreeze it and watch it – are among some meditative approaches to support you in being with whatever feeling you have.

Meditative methods to support you during illness

A selection of meditation methods which can be practiced whatever your state of health, what is happening around you and your degree of mobility. You can practice them alone and whenever you need to. They can provide you with a rich collection of inner resources to empower you and help deal with issues such as pain, loneliness, anxiety, loss of independence and disturbing environments. Read more

Breath watching meditation at OSHO Sammasati

Meditations to support you during illness

A selection of methods

Leading a guided meditation for the ill or dying

Leading a guided meditation for someone who is ill or dying

Some additional considerations including the person’s physical and mental state, dealing with a hospital environment, meditation as a rehearsal for dying and final words of guidance as a person dies.

Music for meditation

Music to meditate by

Some general and specific suggestions.

Osho on Illness

A unique take on the relationship between health and illness, between illness and death, and the secret of the mirror – an invaluable resource in suffering.

Comment mourir consciemment

Illness and Health: how they work together

Osho points out that illness and health are two sides of the same coin. Passing through illness can yield unexpected insights.

Illness and suffering

Illness and Suffering

Osho explains the key to moving beyond yourself-as-ill or as the sufferer.

Illness and death

Illness and Death: how related are they?

Osho questions the assumption that illness causes death, and that it is death we are afraid of….


Although pain can be a factor accompanying many illnesses, it can and does happen at any time in life through accident and injury as well as longer term disabilities and illness.

Whilst they generally refer to physical pain, many of the articles and meditative techniques work equally well for emotional pain. The techniques and suggestions revolve around the concept of ‘what you resist, persists.’

Although it may seem counter-intuitive, relaxing into and accepting pain is key to its ‘management,’ Osho offers some guidance on how to deal with pain and several meditations that are especially effective for dealing with pain. See Meditations for Pain Management.

La Peur

Meditative Methods to support you during illness and pain

An invaluable compilation of resources to be with one of the most challenging aspects of illness.

Seeing the body from inside meditation at OSHO Sammasati

Meditations for Pain Management

A selection of methods

Pain relief guided meditation

Pain Relief Guided Meditation

An approach to managing your pain based on the method of Steven Levine, ‘Softening around Pain.’ The key is relaxing into and creating a sense of space around the pain.

Aura soma - a complementary therapy for the ill and dying

Complementary Therapies

Acupuncture, electrotherapy, hypnosis, visualisation, biofeedback and other complementary therapies can also be effective in the relief of pain – see also Resources.

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The Laughter Connection

Laughter is recognised as a very powerful pain reliever.

In addition there are many pharmaceutical or herbal medications used for pain management, though this area is beyond the scope of this website. Your doctor or consultant, district nurse and perhaps support groups/associations and online forums, will be able to give recommendations.

Osho on Pain

An enlightened – and enlightening – understanding on some aspects of illness and pain, including the potential for inner growth and the perennial question of ‘Why is there pain?’

Staying conscious in the moments of dying

The Wise Person’s Approach to Pain

Osho responds – in a way that may surprise you – to the question: What to do when there is pain?

Fearful mind and pain

Fearful mind and pain

Osho explains how not being influenced by fearful and future-oriented thinking is key to being with pain.

Signs to know the time of death

Why does pain exist?

Osho responds to the perennial question: Why do we suffer? Why is there pain?

Articles & Resources

Japanese bridge

Articles on illness and pain by Maneesha

Interviews with those facing a terminal illness or living with a chronic disability.

Quotes on illness

Short Quotes on Illness

Inspirational gems from Osho, Rumi, and others

Aura soma - a complementary therapy for the ill and dying

Complementary therapies for the seriously ill or dying

Complementary therapies are based on the principle of treating the whole person – including the physical, psychological, emotional and spiritual aspects – not just a set of symptoms. This section features some therapies particularly appropriate for the seriously ill or dying.

Fallen Leaves

Recommended books on illness and pain

Some recommended reading from the OSHO Sammasati 'library' with comments from Maneesha and/or Amazon reviews.

Carer Toolkit

Toolkit for Carers

If your illness is such that you require a carer (whether that be a family member or a professional), you might like to direct them to our Toolkit for Carers which includes:
Offering your care

• Communicating
• Physical care
• Emotional & other support
• Supporting someone in meditating
• Inspirational
• Practical
• Other Resources

Additional Resources

Pain management

Pain management without drugs

Some suggestions, including complementary therapies and electrotherapy

11 Natural cures for pain

A variety of natural remedies for various painful conditions including arthritis

Dealing with pain caused by cancer

Treatment and other support suggested by

Pain Toolkit App

An app to help deal with persistent pain.

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