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Meditation Methods for Health & Ageing

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For those new to meditation, please see our general guidance section on how to meditate and help with choosing a method. The meditations listed in the Illness & Pain Management and the Dying section can also be practised safely by those who are in good health – and, in fact, this is the best time to practise them so that you are already familiar with them should you need them later.

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    OSHO Dynamic Meditation

    The most radical meditative method you are likely to encounter, Osho Dynamic Meditation kick-starts your day, elevates your energy and takes you through silence to celebration.

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    Osho Kundalini Meditation

    Recommended for the late afternoon, OSHO Kundalini Meditation is a gently active method that provides an effective way to unwind.


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    Connecting with the Body in Health

    Reconnecting and learning to listen to your body while it is healthy.

    For anywhere outdoors – in the sun, by a river, on a mountainside, in a forest, a park or in your own back garden.

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    The Alpha Meditation

    To experience a relaxed state beyond thinking
    A method to move systematically from mind to simply being
    For whenever you have 30 minutes or so to spare

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    Relaxed Awareness

    Simple suggestions to help bring a relaxed awareness in your daily routine. For those wanting to be a little more conscious, a little more present to whatever they are doing and to stay relaxed with it.

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    On the Run

    Running as a meditation – both in reality and in imagination

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    Reliving the Day

    Revisiting and completing each day so there is no unfinished business in our lives.

    For last thing at night and first thing each morning.

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    Inner Smile

    If you want to be happy, you don’t need to wait for any outer excuse. Just connect with the belly smile that’s always there, inside.

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    A method to infuse your waking hours with laughter

    On waking and last thing at night

  • A gentle method to take yourself into a state of deep relaxation and harmony

    When: At night, must before going to sleep; in darkness or with dim lighting. 

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    Fill Yourself with Light

    The experience of yourself as a body of light

    For whenever you are sitting alone, doing nothing else.          

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    Calming the stressed-out bodymind through dropping the sense of duality

    Using the key of acceptance to unlock tension anywhere in the bodymind

    When: Whenever the bodymind feels tense

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    Include Everything in your Being

    Takes us into a dimension in which, rather than resisting or rejecting whatever we perceive, we consciously accept it.

    This method can be used in virtually any situation.

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    Tuning into the Moment

    This guided meditation was created specifically for those new to meditation – a method to find inner peace.

    Let the voice of Maneesha take you to a place of inner relaxation and peace.

Meditations for Pain Management

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Please see our guidelines for meditating when ill or in pain.  

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    Seeing the Body from Inside

    A unique approach to experiencing yourself as consciousness and also to be with pain and illness.

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    Pain as a Pinpoint

    In the method, ‘Pain as a Pinpoint,’ the approach seems counter-intuitive: you move into the pain, with no idea of stopping it. It is a friend and has a message for you.

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    Pain relief by tenderly releasing tension

    An approach to managing your pain based on the method of Steven Levine, ‘Softening around Pain.’ The key is relaxing into and creating a sense of space around the pain.

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    Remember the Host

    An effective way, that can be used anywhere at any time, to stay unidentified with whatever we are experiencing – whether that’s a physical or psychological pain, or any thought or emotion.

Meditations Methods in Illness

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Please see our guidelines for meditating when ill or in pain.  

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    Breath Watching

    Connecting with the inner stillness and yourself as the watching consciousness. The simplest way to find peace and know yourself as separate from your body.

    When: Whenever you have a few moments to yourself – anything from a couple of minutes to forty or more.

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    Enhancing your sense of well being

    Using the power of your imagination to evoke those inner resources that can enhance the state of your mind-heart-body.

    When: Just before sleep

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    Consciously releasing mental tension.

    An easy and playful approach to easing mental and emotional tension.

    When: Daily, as a preventative measure, and also when you become aware of mounting stress.

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    Face Off

    Releasing the tension we accumulate in our faces.

    An easy and fun way to prevent or move any tension or stuck energy from the jaw and the rest of the face.

    When: Whenever you have a few moments to yourself

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    Hara Awareness through Breath

    Connecting to your inner centre, for inner silence, courage and a natural discipline.

    A simple way to centre or ground yourself that is especially helpful when your world is in turmoil.

    When: At night-time/first thing in the morning

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    Imagine Expansion

    Experiencing self as pure consciousness

    A method that uses the imagination to move beyond all that is peripheral to that which is essential: the watching consciousness.

    When: last thing at night

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    Throwing Out Negativity

    To consciously release negativity (without hurting yourself or anyone else).

    A way to physically release destructive energy even when you are bed bound.

    When: For an hour, every night before sleeping

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    Take Note Three Times

    Bringing more awareness to those feelings that can trigger your reacting unconsciously.

    A simple technique of remembrance, so discreet that no one needs to know you are doing it!

    When: Any time you feel triggered

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    Watching the Movie

    To regain perspective when in a crisis 

    Deliberately remembering that all is passing; all is a movie except our intrinsic self: the witness.

Meditations in Dying

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Methods for those who are dying or who wish to use meditation to explore death whilst healthy

See our guidelines for meditating when dying.

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    4 Step Let-go

    A way to take yourself through a 4-tiered method of letting go into deep relaxation.

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    Feel as if dying

    A way to consciously prepare for dying

    Voluntarily moving into a sense of dying – and discovering a paradox.

    When: At night, before going to sleep.

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    Creating relaxation throughout the bodymind and experiencing that which is other than the bodymind: consciousness

    Humming, followed by a period, of equal duration, of silence

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    Peace in the Heart

    Whenever you, or the person you are supporting, feel restless.

    Focusing on the emotional heart centre to reconnect with inner peace.

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    To have the experience, while still alive, of being a spectator of life when you have gone.

    In your own home, whenever you have a few moments

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    Intoning ‘Om’

    Using breath and sound to know yourself beyond life and death

    When: For 20 minutes just before going to sleep at night

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    Remember the Joy

    Consciously nourishing your capacity for joy rather than sadness. 


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    Finding the Unchanging

     A passive method to remind ourselves of our eternal nature: the unchanging aspect, the witness

    Observing clouds to understand that all is changing; only the state beyond mind has any ultimate value. 

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    Evoking the Inner Light

    By our encountering darkness, paradoxically we come to find the inner light.

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    Guided Letting Go

    A method to guide another into a multi-levelled relaxation – a script to be read.

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    Being with the Other at their Death

    The greatest gift you can give to someone who is dying: pouring your silence and peacefulness into them.

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    Meditation by Osmosis

    A method that is especially helpful when with someone who has never meditated and/or who is in coma.


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    OSHO Bardo

    A unique guided process, suitable as a regular meditation practice and also as a support through dying.

    CD or mp3 download available.

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