A summary of OSHO Sammasati and other workshops offered internationally.

Workshops are generally facilitated by Maneesha James and Sudheer P. Niet.

Osho Sammasati Workshops

Our various workshops are specifically designed to help you understand – not just intellectually but experientially – what dying can mean and how we can prepare for it and support others to do so. These workshops are designed for participants who are currently in good physical and psychological health.

Introductory Workshops and Events

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    A Day to Die For

    (1 day) This workshop enables us to take a preliminary step in facing our mortality – a subject about which most of us have a lot of fear. It provides a fresh approach to living-dying that can begin to change your attitude to the most significant subject of all – how you live, how you approach your dying, and that of those you love.

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    An Event on Death

    You are invited to participate in an event around the subject of death. A chance to share our thoughts and feelings about what death means to us – as carers, healthcare professionals, and/or as people who are going to die sooner or later! There’ll be group discussions, sharings with individuals and a short meditative process. Hot drinks and something delicious to eat included!

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    Living with the Inescapable

    (1-3 days) We explore the subject of death, through art, dance and discussions that are interlaced with meditative structures so that the experience is both profound and uplifting…even joyful. 

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    OSHO Bardo Workshop

    A one day workshop for anyone wanting to bring greater understanding, relaxation and awareness to everyday living and to dying. Along with some sharing it will feature, live, OSHO Bardo – the newly created meditative process based on Osho’s guidance for dying consciously.

Introductory Events available through OSHO Sammasati Associates

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    Being Mortal – Evenings about Death

    Supportive monthly gatherings where people of an open and sharing disposition can listen, be heard and gain some freedom and release from grief and fear about death.  We bring meditation, information, sharing, discussions humour, a taste for life – and refreshments! – into our evening. 

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    Matters of Life and Death

    An event with Yatro offering a safe space to share with others on the subject of death and dying.  A space to talk on any aspect of death and dying and also share Osho’s insights on that topic. We will also experience an OSHO meditation together.

The OSHO Sammasati Experience

A series of four workshops offered internationally which can be taken in any order:                                      

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    The Tantra of Living & Dying

    (3 days) Perhaps the most meditation-rich of all the workshops, this experience is for both the seasoned meditator and those new to meditation. It is designed to enhance your perception of living-dying and can deepen both your relationships and your meditation.

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    An Experiential Enquiry Into Death

    (An evening and 4 days; residential) Discover what death is, to you individually, and what issues it provokes.  This workshop profoundly affects participants in how they face their death and also how they live, post-workshop. It also provides the basis for supporting others in their dying process.

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    Doing Dying Differently

    (3 days) We identify the issues that surface when we are dying and meditation techniques to address them, through voluntary relaxation, centering, staying conscious and discovering ourselves as more than just the body-mind. It is helpful for oneself and for supporting another through dying.

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    In Rapport (formerly Being-There-for-the-Other Skills During Illness & Dying)

    (4 days) As well as basic relating skills to respond to the other’s changing emotions, we look at the appropriateness of touch, what body language can reveal; being comfortable with silence and the feeling of ‘not-knowing,’ developing a meditative presence and knowing how to ‘hold the space.’

The OSHO Sammasati Intensive

This provides the opportunity to participate in the first three workshops of the OSHO Sammasati Experience within the space of one month. Alternatively, you can participate in just one or two of your choosing. It is currently available only at the Osho International Meditation Resort in Pune, India


Along with ‘Squeeze the Juice of Life’, our workshops are available in various countries. Please see our Calendar for details. 

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    Squeeze the Juice of Life

    (3 days) How’s life? As joyous, loving, meaningful and fulfilling as you’d like it to be? And if not, what can you do about it? We only have this life, this gift, now!  This workshop shows us we don’t need to be a victim of circumstance. We can access a huge resource of empowering, inner ‘tools’ that can transform our lives.

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    Entering the Ultimate Mystery

    A four-day workshop in which we will seek to dissolve the fears and issues most of us have around the biggest taboo: facing our demise. Featuring meditative methods and structures, this workshop is a unique opportunity to explore the challenges of life and death and to discover the possibility of personal transformation.

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    The Everyday Meditator

    (1 day) A day to address the question of how to bring meditation directly into our daily living. We explore many different meditative methods to help you find the right ones for you and discuss the dynamics of meditation – such as the need for active and passive forms; the indications that suggest a method is effective for you; when to meditate; meditating alone or with others and when it may be time to experiment with another technique.

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    Experiments with Meditation

    In this 3-day workshop Maneesha will share her experiences of being with Osho for the last 15 years that he was in his body. She will focus particularly on meditation, on her peak moments, and on the various roles she was given. This will be interwoven with your questions,  group discussions and our practising together meditation techniques directly related to her experiences.

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    Meditation for Busy People

    (2 or 3 days) Many of us know we need meditation in our busy, stressful lives, but in a typical day we just don’t have the time or energy for an hour of meditation. Happily, there are many methods that don’t need a special time but which can be directly incorporated into whatever we are doing enabling you to bring the essence of meditation into your everyday living.


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    OSHO Sammasati Facilitator Course

    This seven-day course is for you if you want to share the OSHO-based vision of conscious living-dying through presenting events and workshops. We will start with a one-day workshop (A Matter of Life & Death) to experience what you will learn to facilitate. There’ll be instruction in basic group dynamics; suggestions for preparing and presenting the workshop or an event in a mainstream context, along with individual practise within the course.

Workshops available through our colleagues in the field

Living and Dying Consciously (UK) 

Friend and fellow seeker, Archa Robinson’s website, through which she offers weekend workshops in Cornwall and Dorset. They are described as ‘involving writing, music, active and sitting meditation, dance, silence, visualisation, imagination journeys and art.’ Read the great feedback these garner!

Institute for Living and Dying (Germany)

Based in Germany, this institute offers seminars, workshops, retreats on dying; trainings for care of the dying, and counselling for grief and loss.

OshoBardo.com is the website of former psychiatrist, America-based Bodhicitta.  The chief feature of his website is the links to many related audio Osho talks.   

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