A convenient collection of resources for you in supporting a dying person through their (and your) changing needs.

Some of the suggestions and resources we provide are appropriate whatever your particular situation; others are for specific times or situations. Choose whatever addresses your own personal needs and those relating to helping your loved one: both will almost certainly change over time.

This toolkit may be of help to:

  • primary carers (generally family and friends)
  • those working in a voluntary or professional capacity
  • occasional visitors to the seriously ill or dying

There is much in the Toolkit for Dying that is relevant for carers. Links are given as appropriate below. In addition you can familiarise yourself with the Toolkit for Dying so that you can make suggestions to your loved one. See also the Illness & Pain section.


Offering Your Care


Basic relating skills and three articles related to informing a person of their impending death.

Woman patient with young visitor

In-rapport skills

Includes pointers about your own inner space; for understanding what the other might be feeling; and having some basic relating skills, such as being able to create rapport, listening skills and the use of touch.

How to break the news at OSHO Sammasati

Creating Rapport: Some basic tips

How to be ‘tuned in’ or ‘on the same wavelength’ as someone else

Kavita & Mum bed

Communication & Listening Tips

Some basic pointers about being with the ill or dying that includes how to listen, the value of silence and the significance of touch.

Telling someone they are dying

Having ‘the conversation’

A 3-part series of articles: Should we tell someone they are dying? –The Benefits – How to have the conversation

Older hands holding

Creating a Support Network

Creating a network to help support your loved one, in ways practical and emotional. This is helpful for the dying person, for those who wish to be connected to them at this time and for you, as carer, in order to share the responsibility.

Physical Care

We point you to the Dying toolkit to inform yourself about complementary approaches, pain management, caring for someone in a coma, more.

Death & Dying Toolkit

Dying Toolkit - Physical Care

Visit the Dying Toolkit for: Complementary therapies for the seriously ill or dying – Being with pain – Communication with a person in coma – The signs and symptoms of imminent death

In Rapport at OSHO Sammasati - being with the dying

Miscellaneous Resources for Carers

Sources of information and support for carers of the seriously ill and dying – currently mainly UK-based. Also listed are resources for near and at the time of death.

Emotional & other support

Offering some insight into what the person in your care may be experiencing as well as throwing some light on what you may be going through.

These are the same resources as in the Dying Toolkit.

Fearful man

Meditation and Emotions

Included are: Receiving a terminal diagnosis – Issues that may arise in dying – When our health is challenged – Emotional changes – Supporting someone through emotional changes - Managing emotions with meditation – Resources – Resilience

Supporting someone in meditating

Starting with an explanation about the significance of meditation in dying, this section also offers a variety of methods, suggestions about how to guide someone into their inner world, and much more.

Meditation as a window into dying

Meditation as a window on dying

The value of meditation in daily living is well known. Less commonly understood is meditation’s potential in facilitating a peaceful and even joyful death.

Flowing with life

Meditation for the Dying

Meditation methods can be used by anyone to return to our natural state of inner peacefulness and stillness. We offer various methods to support one through dying and to help manage pain and suggest how to guide a dying person in meditation.

Music for meditation

Music to meditate/die by

Some general and specific suggestions

Leading a guided meditation for the ill or dying

Leading a guided meditation for someone who is ill or dying

Some considerations including the person’s physical and mental state, dealing with a hospital environment, meditation as a rehearsal of dying and final words of guidance as a person dies.


All our experiences are coloured by our perception of them. Reading the wisdom of enlightened seerers and others – through quotations and books – listening to and watching audio and video clips as featured in this section, can cast a new light on what you are experiencing.

See Death & Dying Toolkit for other resources including those on how and why to die consciously

Dying leaves - event on death

Death & Dying quotes

A selection of short inspirational quotes.

Exeter sarcophagus

Osho on Death & Dying

A selection of quotes, discourses excerpts, books, audios and videos

Reflections - Vondel Park April 2014

Reflections on Death – Inspirational Videos

A small but expanding collection

Practical Matters

In addition to Miscellaneous Resources for Carers, most of the practical aspects of caring for the dying can be found in the Practicals section of the Death & Dying Toolkit.

In Rapport at OSHO Sammasati - being with the dying

Miscellaneous Resources for Carers

Sources of information and support for carers of the seriously ill and dying – currently mainly UK-based. Also listed are resources for near and at the time of death.

Patient looking at document

Planning for the end of life

The benefits of planning ahead, the areas you need to consider and some helpful resources

Old lady with nurse

End-of-Life Care

Some resources to help you and your loved one decide on where might be best to spend their final days; and the type of care available to you both

I didn't want this

Planning for your future healthcare

Being prepared for situations in which we no longer have capacity to communicate our wishes around our healthcare – a look at Advance Decisions and Lasting Power of Attorney for Health and Welfare

Phone tree

The Phone Tree

A simple suggestion for facilitating communication with friends and family of the ill or dying

Dead leaf with raindrops

Practical Resources for Death & Dying

A list of resources and services in the UK and some in the US

Orange leaves

Recommended books on the practical aspects of dying

Advice on many aspects of dying and a directory of services in the UK

After Death

After Death

Includes: Practicalities after a death – Care of the body – Burial, cremation or other – Funerals – Celebration – Bereavement and grief

Other Resources

Included is the downloadable book on visiting the dying, the many articles from our blog, the wonderful tool of humour, and recommended reading especially for carers.

Guide to Visiting the Dying

Guide to Visiting the Dying

Our free guide gives suggestions on how to connect with loved ones at the end of life. Based on the understanding that many of us are fearful, insecure and awkward around meeting with death in this way, it provides simple guidance, tips and resources to help us be there for our loved ones.

Death and dying workshops at OSHO Sammasati

Workshops on Death & Dying

A summary of OSHO Sammasati and other workshops offered internationally that focus on bringing a new understanding to dying. These aim to enable participants to face their own death with equanimity and to support others in doing the same.

OSHO Sammasati blog

OSHO Sammasati Blog

Check out the various categories on our blog relating to carers and death and dying

Laughing girl

The Laughter Connection

The healing power of laughter in relieving pain, reducing stress and more

Laughing old lady

Death & Dying Jokes

Check these out if you are in need of a good giggle

leaves Japan cropped

Recommended Books for Carers

Supporting the other and accounts from the carer’s viewpoint

Some recommended reading from the OSHO Sammasati ‘library’ with comments from Maneesha and/or Amazon reviews.

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