Spreading our work

We are passionate about our work and feel that bringing more consciousness to living and dying can benefit people worldwide. If you would like to have the website or sections of it available in your country’s language, do email us. See also Translating the website.

Word of mouth

This is one of the most effective ways to share our work. If you have found our workshops and online resources beneficial, do tell your family, friends and colleagues and suggest they check out our website and/or give them one of our brochures.



Your personal feedback is helpful in communicating the benefits of using meditation to explore both living and dying.

Testimonials may comprise just a few words, a few sentences or may be in the form of an article or a complete blog post. If there is a specific issue that our workshops or other resources have helped you with, let us know!

We currently have a number of testimonials about our workshops on our Testimonials page and on the individual Workshops description pages, along with testimonials about the individual sessions given separately by Maneesha and by Sudheer. More are always welcome. As the website is so new, testimonials about it would be good to have – feedback on how useful you find the online resources (articles, toolkits etc.)

Testimonials can be written or made available through the mediums of audio or video. For audio and video testimonials, send us the raw mp3 or mp4 file. Upload to Dropbox or similar and email us the link.

Please email us your testimonial and also let us know how you would like to be credited.
Our preference is to feature your first name, profession and country. If you’d prefer not to give your name, your initials could be used instead. Alternatively, you can include your first name but leave out other details or be completely anonymous with no name or other details given. As you might appreciate, the more details the more authenticated the testimonial. A portrait photo provides even stronger validation. If you feel to include a photo of yourself, please send it as a jpeg attachment to your email.


Sharing our information online

You can do this to a group of people e.g. Facebook Friends and/or share person-by-person to those whom you think might be interested in the content. Adding a few words of your own as introduction/comment – perhaps about your experience of our work – makes the sharing more effective.

Here are some suggestions of what can be shared:


Our Newsletter

This is published every quarter with occasional emails in between. Suggest to a friend to subscribe by following this link to sign up for future newsletters and to receive our free guide, A Guide to Visiting the Dying.


Our articles/blog posts

The best way is to Facebook Share (instead of or in addition to Liking) the post on the blog itself – though it’s also helpful if you Share, Like & Comment on the Facebook post linking to the blog too.

N.B. When you click the Facebook Share icon, you can choose if you want to share the post on your own timeline, in a group, on one of your Facebook pages or individually to selected Facebook Friends.

You can also share our blog posts using the other Share icons on the blog posts or other content pages e.g. Tweet, LinkedIn, Google+ or Email them to a friend. Or you can simply post a link to a blog post or page (copy the address at the top e.g. https://www.oshosammasati.org/participate/ anywhere you like where it will get seen!

It’s helpful if you can leave a comment or ask a question in the Comments section beneath the blog posts and some pages. This also encourages other visitors to interact.


Our Facebook Page

The most effective way is to Share the post using the Share link below the post. Also helpful is to add a comment and Like the post.


Other Ways

You can also connect with us and share our content on:

Printed Material

We have a brochure that summarises our approach and our workshops. You can download it here or email us to ask us to send you some.

Download Brochure



Thank you in advance for your help in sharing our work.


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