OSHO Vision - Workshop participants in Pune India at OSHO Sammasati

Workshop participants at OSHO International Meditation Resort, Pune, India


Our work is inspired by the vision of the Indian mystic and master, Osho. You can read more about Osho here.

The basic premise of the Osho vision is the combining of meditation – a deep familiarity with our inner reality – with a joyful acceptance, even a celebration of all that life offers. In a nutshell: Zorba the Buddha – a coming together of love, joy and dance as personified in the pleasure-loving character Zorba The Greek with the conscious awareness of a buddha. Dying is an intrinsic part of life; and living with totality, joy and consciousness is the very best preparation for dying. Death is not a calamity but a gift and, when one has lived consciously, the crescendo of life.

Osho sums it up in this short video clip


Osho’s Vision of Living and Dying


‘My work consists of teaching you how to live and how to die, how to be joyous and how to be sad; how to enjoy your youth and how to enjoy your old age, how to enjoy your health and how to enjoy your illness.

‘If I teach you only how to enjoy your health, your joy and your life, and the other part is neglected, then I am teaching you something which is going to create a division in you, a split in you. I teach you the totality of existence.

‘Don’t possess. Don’t hold anything and don’t cling. Let things come and pass. Allow things to pass through you, and you remain always vulnerable, available. Then there is great beauty, great grace and great ecstasy. Your sadness will bring a depth to you, as much as your joy. Your death will bring great gifts to you, as many as life itself. Then a man knows that this whole existence is his: nights and days, summers and winters – all are his. In remaining vulnerable, open and relaxed, you become a master.

‘The greatest thing to learn is not to hold onto anything: to your love, to your joy, to your body or to your health. Enjoy everything – your health, your body, your love, your woman or your man – but don’t cling…. If something is available, enjoy it. When it disappears, let it disappear with gratitude – gratitude for all that it has done for you, with no grudge and with no complaint. And you will know the greatest joys of both life and death, of both light and darkness, of both being and non-being.’

                                    (Osho  The Dhammapada: The Way of the Buddha Volume 7)

The Osho vision is without dogma or doctrine and one in which there is no place for believers or followers. If an Osho insight or suggestion appeals, take it on board as a working hypothesis until that time your own experience endorses it or brings you to another understanding. Each of us needs to create our own, unique way towards growing up; that is, becoming fully conscious.

The many meditations on this website are those that have been developed or recommended by Osho.

These meditations range from sitting quietly in Vipassana meditation to the many active forms of meditation developed by Osho to help people deal with the increased pace and preoccupations of modern life. The meditations (which we will be adding to) can be found on our Meditations Index.

The facilitators – Maneesha James and Sudheer P. Niet – are long-time disciples of Osho. They both lived and worked in what is now known as The OSHO International Meditation Resort for many years and now return there each year to meditate and facilitate workshops.

The links below offer a selection of excerpts from Osho discourses most relevant to our work:

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For more information about Osho, visit www.osho.com and learn about the OSHO International Meditation Resort in Pune, India. If you would like to participate with others in Osho meditations, events and groups, there are many Osho Centres around the world for you to visit.

The online archive (www.osho.com/library) is a resource through which Osho’s words can be read, free of charge. There are many other aspects of meditation to explore for yourself and to recommend to anyone interested in meditation. Especially helpful for newcomers is a free 21-day introduction to Osho on the Mentors Channel.

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