Connecting with the inner stillness and yourself as the watching consciousness. The simplest way to find peace and know yourself as separate from your body.

When: Whenever you have a few moments to yourself – anything from a couple of minutes to forty or more.

Even if you are in bed and unwell, as long as you are breathing and can remain aware you can benefit from this method.

Close your eyes and watch as your breath enters and leaves your body.

You can either watch from the point at your nostrils where the breath comes in and out or from your belly, as it rises and falls with each inhalation and exhalation.

You can watch the breath going in and coming out – or you can watch the gaps that appear between the end of the inhalation and the beginning of the exhalation; and at the end of the exhalation, just before the inhalation. A third option is to watch the whole cycle: the in breath and the gap that follows it and the out breath and the gap that follows it. But the real thing is the same: watching. Where you focus the watching is irrelevant: that is just an excuse for watching. Whatever suits you, stay with that.

Your awareness will wander from time to time. That’s natural. No need to spend time chastising yourself or becoming frustrated. Just, as soon as you notice that you have become distracted, gently bring your awareness back to watching your breath.

(Osho: Vigyan Bhairav Tantra)

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