To have the experience, while still alive, of being a spectator of life when you have gone.

In your own home, whenever you have a few moments

This ancient Tibetan method enables you to see and feel how the world will continue once you are no longer part of it. The experience can provide a sense of perspective and of peace.

The Method

In your own home just start feeling that you are disappearing. Try it many times in twenty-four hours. For half a second, simply stop: you are not, and the world continues. Simply think, “I have no more reality; I am not”; it’s as if you become a ghost, a silent observer of how your household manages to function without you. Family members, pets, plants and all the myriad details related to their wellbeing continue perfectly without your participation.

“There will be tremendous peace and silence. Without you everything will continue as it is. Nothing will be missed. Then what is the point of always remaining occupied, doing something, doing something and obsessed with action? What is the point? You will be gone and whatsoever you have done will disappear – as if you had signed your name on the sands and the wind comes and the signature disappears and everything is finished. Be as if you had never existed.

“When you become more and more alert to the fact that without you the world continues perfectly well, then you will be able to learn another part of your being which has been neglected for long, for lives – and that is the receptive mode. You simply allow and you become a door. Things go on happening without you.

“This is what Buddha means when he says: Become driftwood. Float in the stream like timber, and wherever the stream goes let it take you; you don’t make any effort”.

(Osho: The Discipline of Transcendence)

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