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When: Just before sleep

This is similar to an approach well known in cancer-support groups; however, even if you are familiar with it, you may well find some points that are new to you – such as the fact that doing it last thing at night as you enter sleep makes your affirmation that much stronger.

Simple and effective, this method takes very little time and energy….


Step 1: Just before sleep

There may be a particular quality you want to bring into your life, such as trust or patience or lovingness. As you lie in bed, in the darkness, affirm that quality to yourself – out loud if you want to – for example, saying “Trust … trust… trust” or whatever word fits best. (Using your mother tongue will help the word penetrate more deeply). Say the word repeatedly as you enter sleep. The effect can be even stronger when you also feel the quality – for example, the feeling of trust – all around you, enveloping you, as you enter sleep.


Step 2: When you awake next morning

If that intention was the very last in your consciousness before you entered sleep, it will be the first there when you wake up. Then it will have been there as an undercurrent throughout the night. Repeat your affirmation for a few minutes before you rise.


Continue this until you feel that you have now incorporated this particular quality – and generally the full effect of any meditative method may take up to three months. Then you might choose another quality that you would like to have, or have more of in your life, and evoke that as your affirmation in the same way.

(Osho: Let Go!)

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