Releasing the tension we accumulate in our faces.

An easy and fun way to prevent or move any tension or stuck energy from the jaw and the rest of the face.

When: Whenever you have a few moments to yourself

Tension regularly accumulates in our face. Think about those times when you “bite back” a reaction a protest or criticism or try to “put on a good face” when you are inwardly feeling upset.

The following technique helps release, or prevent the accumulation of, facial tension. It can be done anytime that you have a few moments to yourself and probably where you can’t be seen by others. It is more fun if you can do it in front of a mirror. And: if you have kids, invite them to do it with you. They catch on very quickly and enjoy it!

Move your face in as many different ways as you possibly can. Imagine it is made of rubber and contort it sideways, up and down, and so on. Screw up your eyes or frown; twist your mouth to one side or stretch it as wide as possible….

Finish off by exhaling deeply, to throw out any residue tension.

Your facial muscles will have a great work-out and you will instantly feel loosened up and relaxed.

(Osho: Hallelujah!)

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