The experience of yourself as a body of light

For whenever you are sitting alone, doing nothing else.          

The mystics say that our physical body is really just our outer casing; essentially, we are made of light. Fully conscious, we manifest as that light; hence the term ‘enlightenment’.

This method enables us to know ourselves as we really are.

Whenever you are sitting alone, not doing anything, just feel light entering you from above. Soak it in, drink it. Let it sink into your heart. Let it reach your whole body so that you disappear as a material body and you become a body of light. It will do miracles….  

(Osho: Don’t Just Do Something, Sit There)

My people are in the world; they cannot put their totality into meditating twenty-four hours. It is enough for them to put their totality into it for a few minutes and just have a drink of their eternity, of their immortality, just to have a glimpse of the roots. And don’t continue it; just let it remain like a faraway echo surrounding you. A fragrance – just as when you pass a rose garden, even if you don’t touch the roses, your clothes will carry the fragrance of the roses….

                                                           (Osho The Buddha: The Emptiness of the Heart)





























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