Consciously releasing mental tension.

An easy and playful approach to easing mental and emotional tension.

When: Daily, as a preventative measure, and also when you become aware of mounting stress.

You can do this method by the beach, in the mountains, while having a shower – in fact just about anywhere when you feel the need to. Standing or sitting down, with your eyes closed (so you avoid being distracted) start speaking nonsense sounds out loud. Say anything, as long as it has no meaning – just gobbledegook! At the same time, moving your hands and stretching your facial muscles will enhance the letting go of tension. If you know no one else is around, do it aloud; otherwise it’s just as effective when you do it under your breath.

Your kids will love doing this with you; it comes so naturally to them!

(Osho: 99 Names of Nothingness)

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