A method to guide another into a multi-levelled relaxation – a script to be read.

Unless you are experienced in guiding meditations, please read How to Lead a Guided Meditation and Leading a guided meditation for someone who is ill or dying before leading this meditation. 

What follows can be read as a script. Do not read the section headings.


1) Relaxing the Body

Close your eyes and consciously relax your body. Let your body completely relax, as if there is no life in it. Draw all your life energy deep inside. Ask all your energy to retreat within, and leave the body relaxed…. Go on relaxing the body completely. Go on loosening it…. Feel that the body is relaxing… The body is relaxing… The body is relaxing… The body goes on relaxing…goes on dying…goes on dying. You are slipping inside. The consciousness has slipped within… there, where life is. Let go…let go…let go of the wave and be one with the ocean. Let go of the body completely. Do not prevent it; do not keep any hold over it…let it go…. The body remains just like a shell….


2) Breathing calming down

The breathing is calming down… The breathing is calming down. Let the breathing also relax. The breathing is going on calming down…. Retreat even from the breathing; call your energy back from there too. The breathing is going on calming down. Leave it relaxed; leave the breathing relaxed. The breathing is going on calming down…. The breathing has relaxed.


3) Leaving the Thoughts

Leave the thoughts also; move back from them too. Move further back from them. The thoughts are relaxing… The thoughts are relaxing…The thoughts are relaxing…. Go on feeling: The thoughts are relaxing… the thoughts are also dropping. You have moved further back…. The thoughts are going on calming down… The thoughts are going on calming down. The thoughts have calmed down.


4) Look Within

Now, for 10 minutes just remain awake within; remain conscious within. Look within wakefully. On the outside, death has happened. The body is lying down, almost dead, away; you have retreated.


The consciousness has remained lit like a flame. You are only a knowing…only a seeing. Remain just a watcher; settle in the seeing. Look within; do not do anything else – only go on looking inside. Inside…more inside…go on looking inside…. Slowly, slowly, you will have slipped into the depths, as if one goes on falling into a deep well…goes on falling…goes on falling. Just remain looking.

Slowly slowly, everything will turn into a void. Only a flame of knowing will go on burning in the void, that ‘I am knowing’…am seeing….’ Drop your control completely, drop all your control. Drown in the depths and go on looking.

The mind will go on quietening.


5) Mind emptying

The mind is becoming empty… Mind is becoming empty…. Let go totally; disappear…just die. Disappear completely from outside; let go completely from outside – as if a wave disappears and becomes the ocean. Let go completely; do not keep even the least grip.

The mind is becoming empty… The mind has become completely empty… Only a flame has remain burning, a flame of knowing, of seeing. For all the rest – as if death has happened. The body will be seen lying at a distance; your own body will be seen so far away. Your own breathing will seem to be so far away. Inside…more inside….drown. Let go….let go….let go completely.


Become a void…become a void completely. The mind has become a void. Only a flame of knowing has remained inside – everything else has become a void; everything has disappeared.


Let go….let go completely. Show the courage to die; die completely from the outside. The body has become lifeless; we have slipped completely inside; we have slipped completely inside. Only a flame near the heart remains burning. We are seeing…we are knowing, and everything has disappeared; we have remained only a watcher. The mind has become completely a void.


6) Look into the Void

Look intently into this void. Inside, look at this void. A great spectrum of bliss will unfold within that very void; a great light of bliss will fill that very void. A waterfall may emerge and only bliss flows all around, which spreads all over you, in your every fibre, in your each particle. Look intently in that void, and just as a flower blossoms when the sun rises, similarly the spring of bliss bursts forth looking at the void within. Only the bliss prevails all over, all around. Look, look within. Let that spring burst forth; look within, as if the fountain of bliss opens up and bliss abounds all over.


Now, take a few deep breaths. The breath will appear to be far away. Slowly take a deep breath; keep watching the breath. The mind will become even calmer; keep watching the breath. The mind will become even calmer. Slowly take a few deep breaths; Slowly take a few deep breaths; the mind will become even calmer…the mind will become ever calmer.


7) Coming Back

Then take a few deep breaths, and gently come back… Open your eyes slowly…. Stretch… wriggle your toes and fingers, and be fully back, feeling rested and at peace.

(Osho: And Now, And Here)


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