Creating relaxation throughout the bodymind and experiencing that which is other than the bodymind: consciousness

Humming, followed by a period, of equal duration, of silence

Often our bodily needs or wants and our thoughts are in discord. Humming creates a vibration in the body and, especially, in the brain cells. Through this, the bodymind becomes deeply harmonious. Then the other element, that which we really are – the watching consciousness – is more easily experienced. And to know oneself as separate from that aspect which is going to die is the singlemost significant key to a conscious, peaceful exit.

Osho has explained :

“With the bodymind engrossed in humming, it is easy for that third element to slip out of the bodymind very easily, unobserved, and to become a witness; it can stand out and look at the whole game that is going on between the mind and the body. This is the meaning of the English word ‘ecstasy’– to stand out. Stand out and watch from there. It is tremendously peaceful. It is silence; it is bliss; it is benediction

“This is the whole secret of chanting; that’s why chanting has prevailed down the centuries. But there is a danger also! If you become drunk with the body and the mind and your soul also becomes drunk, then chanting is an intoxicant. Then it is like a tranquilliser: it will give you a good sleep, that’s all. It is a lullaby. There is nothing wrong in it, but it is not of any real value either.”


When a seeker told Osho that his father was facing imminent death, Osho suggested he tell him about humming as a meditation, adding:

“If he can do that and can move into death in a meditative state, that is the greatest gift you can give him. Then his whole future will be different, because death decides the next birth. If you die meditating, prayerful, in deep silence and tranquility, you are born in a totally different way. This life is gone, but this life is not all –– the other life is coming. One door is being closed… another door is being opened. Forget about this door. Now something can be done about the new door that is going to be open. It has still to be, it is still a potentiality. Everything can be done about it.

“In the East, death has been used as much as life and we have many techniques of how to help a dying person to choose a better life next time. You can read something about Bardo; it is a Tibetan method for a dying person, and one of the best in the world. When a person is dying, that meditation has to be done. But it will be a little complicated, so if you can do the humming meditation that will relax him very much. Just show him, do it with him, and do it as forcefully as you can, and then he will respond very deeply. He will enjoy it, lying on the bed, waiting for death.”

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