Experiencing self as pure consciousness

A method that uses the imagination to move beyond all that is peripheral to that which is essential: the watching consciousness.

When: last thing at night

This technique, from the Tantra tradition, is done last thing at night. You might have stumbled across this method yourself, as a child. (It is not uncommon for children to discover meditation techniques naturally, without being instructed in them.)

Preparation: With the lights out, lie down and make yourself comfortable. In this position the conscious mind cannot function so easily and the unconscious does the work.


The Method

Now, simply imagine everything disappearing. Start with those things close to you – such as the furniture and the possessions surrounding you. Then the walls of your bedroom, then the adjoining rooms, the neighbourhood, the city, the country, on and on, until, says Osho, “only you are left… who cannot disappear whatever you do. No imagination is possible to make you disappear; the watcher is beyond imagination, beyond mind. What has remained is a watcher, a witness – and that is your pure consciousness.

“Even though it is just using the imagination it doesn’t matter. The walls and so on disappearing is just an excuse to help you feel freed from everything. Then you can come to your aloneness, that moment of eternity.”

(Osho: The Transmission of the Lamp)




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