Revisiting and completing each day so there is no unfinished business in our lives.

For last thing at night and first thing each morning.

If we can complete each experience we have in a typical day, there is no need to accumulate any leftover ‘unfinished business’; there’s nothing hanging around waiting to be lived.

Here is a method that enables us to relive our day on a regular basis and tying up any loose ends so that when we go to sleep our minds can be untroubled. The first part of it begins at night, just before going to sleep….


Step 1: Day review

Starting from the morning, when you first opened your eyes, not just remembering it but reliving it. Whatever might feel incomplete, find a way to complete it.


“Then continue very slowly, meditatively, seeing what you have done throughout the whole day – and what you have not done. What has remained undone complete; at least in your imagination complete it. If you have done something wrong, at least in your imagination put it right [and whatever you have done in unconsciousness is wrong; right is what you do in consciousness]. If you have missed something, at least in your fantasy complete it. And you will be surprised: you will never need any therapy, because every day you will be finished with all the dust; things will be put right.


Step 2: Envisage the new day

First thing in the morning, before the mind has started up, have a vision of the day you are going to live.

“It has to be done immediately because in the very moment of waking you are a mirror: so just let the mirror see the whole day ahead. Just let a simple seed fall into your heart. It is not a planning; just a seed that ‘This is my vision for today’–and that seed will affect your whole day’s activities, your quality.

“And in the night, again remember the vision and remember what has been accomplished; and whatever has not been, relive it.”

(Osho: Philosophia Perennis)

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