A gentle method to take yourself into a state of deep relaxation and harmony

When: At night, must before going to sleep; in darkness or with dim lighting. 

Consciously relaxing your body and your breathing, and evoking a sense of harmony within and without.

This is a very simple method to guide yourself into a state of relaxation and a sense of oneness. It also provides an opportunity to befriend your body.


Step 1: Dropping Tension

Take whatever posture is most comfortable for you and in which you are most likely to stay awake; sitting upright on a chair or in bed may work best. Now, with your eyes closed, starting from your feet, inwardly let your aware move, checking for any areas of tension. If there is tension in the back of your legs, for example, place your hands there, and very lovingly silently say to your legs, “Please relax.” With your exhalation, breathe into the area of tension and imagine it gently dissolving. (Remember, the body follows the mind: if you imagine the tension is dissolving and consciously help it to, the body will follow you.)

Once that tension is no more, continue your inner journey, pausing at the next area of tension, and repeating your request that the body relax.


Step 2: The Breath

Bring your awareness to your breath now. Your body is relaxed – it is your outer part. Your consciousness is your inner reality. The breath is the bridge between the two. That’s why it is important to have your breathing relax.

So, again, lovingly ask your breathing to relax now. Maybe you will find you need to say this two or three times to it, and then there will be an inner “click,” at which point you realize you have moved into a whole new level of relaxation. So wait for that point before progressing to the next stage.


Step 3: All is One

Now that your whole bodymind is feeling deliciously relaxed without having sent you to sleep, with each out breath, say silently “One.” Breathing in, just be silent, and with each out breath, repeat the word, “One.” As you say “One,” feel the unity of your self, of all your different aspects functioning in this moment in complete accord. As you say “One,” be aware of the oneness of all of life – the unity that exists between yourself with all other living beings. So you are not just saying the word mechanically but consciously feeling the truth of our intrinsic “at-oneness.”


Continuing this meditation on a regular basis, within a week you will feel a deep connection with your body and a new sensitivity towards it.

(Osho: The Great Nothing)

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