Simple suggestions to help bring a relaxed awareness in your daily routine. For those wanting to be a little more conscious, a little more present to whatever they are doing and to stay relaxed with it.

Meditation is the meeting of what appear to be polar opposites: awareness and relaxation. Logically they don’t seem reconcilable. Usually when we are relaxed we are not aware; we’re zoned out. And when we are alert there is generally a subtle tension present.

Cats can teach us a thing or two. Look at one sleeping: it is a lesson in absolute let go. Yet if she hears the bark of a dog she is instantly alert: on her feet, ears pricked, body poised, and ready to defend herself or take off. So, it is possible to be relaxed and alert too!


Note four pointers to guide you into an ongoing experience of relaxed awareness. 

1: Bring awareness to your routine actions and, at the same time, let yourself be relaxed. Cleaning your teeth, showering, making the bed, preparing a meal, stay relaxed.

2: Accept yourself, respect your uniqueness and what you can to discover and live out your potential.

3: Live the moment, and let all tensions around being someone else or somewhere else drop.

4: See each day as a blank canvas and bring artistry into all that you do.


When we can bring a relaxed awareness into whatever we do, we’re not merely productive but more creative, more innovative – even when we are in a tight corner….

There are three big game hunters in the jungle in Africa: an American, an Italian and a Pole. Suddenly they are captured by cannibals and brought before the chief.

The chief tells them, “By tribal custom I am required to allow each of you a chance to escape, and I have to give you any weapon of your choice. However, I must warn you: if we catch you, we are going to skin you and make a canoe out of you.” Before they even get a chance to catch their breath, the chief points to the American and asks, “You are first. What do you want?”

The American replies, “I want a gun.” The chief hands him a gun and the American makes off into the jungle. Pretty soon, the gun runs out of bullets and the natives catch up with him. They shoot him with poison darts and within five minutes they have skinned him and proceeded to make a canoe out of him.

The chief points to the horrified-looking Italian. “You are next: what do you want?”

The Italian says, “I want a horse.” The chief looks at him and says, “Well, that’s not really a weapon, but if you want a horse I will give you a horse.” So the Italian rides off into the jungle. However, he is very quickly surrounded by natives on all sides. The natives shoot him with poison darts, skin him and make a canoe out of him.

Finally, the chief looks at the Pole. “What do you want?”

He replies, “I want a fork.”

“A fork? What do you want a fork for?”

“Look,” says the Pole, “you said I could have anything I wanted. Now give me a fork, all right?”

“Okay, okay,” says the chief, “here is a fork.”  Immediately the Pole takes the fork and starts stabbing himself all over.

The chief stares and him and exclaims, “What on earth are you doing?”

The Polish guy laughs at him and says, “You’re not going to make a canoe out of me!”

(Osho: The Hidden Splendour)

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