Consciously nourishing your capacity for joy rather than sadness. 


Left to its own devices the mind tends to dwell on the negative. Osho’s suggestion is that we allow any moment of suffering as it appears but that we don’t make a habit of collecting such experiences or nourish them in any way.


“Why go on talking about your suffering? Everyone talks about his suffering. Why is there so much emphasis on it? Why give so much attention to it? Remember one of the laws: Whatsoever you pay much attention to grows. Attention is a growth-helping element. If you pay attention to something, it grows more.

“You never collect, you never cherish and nourish happiness and happy moments, so they look momentary. This is your choice. Change this choice – because with too much suffering collected you will gather more suffering. Suffering will increase; you are helping it to increase. Then a moment may come when you are so clouded with suffering that you cannot see any possible bliss. Then you become totally negative.”

Instead, consciously choose to recall and relive the times of joy. Sometimes, forget your age. Close your eyes and move back, regress. Be a child again…not just remembering but reliving those moments of your childhood when just to be was a joy, when there was so much to explore and delight in. Replay your childhood and you will get a new light, a new awakening. A new life energy will run through you.

And recall, too, times of joy as you grew older: times of friendship, of laughter and adventures… falling in love. Moments of fulfillment and gratitude through being with friends, family and through your work, your travels. Continue to gather such memories, nourish them and relive those moments.

“The more you live this happiness, the more your happiness will increase. The more you reminisce about these happy times, the greater capacity you will have to widen the scope of your happiness.

“Make a corner in your heart and in that temple go on collecting only the recollections of joy you have experienced in your life. Whenever you get an opportunity, just close your eyes and quietly slip into that corner. The re-living of this experience time and again can be instrumental in changing the way of your living.

“Gather these memories. If you meditate they will go on increasing. Right now you will find fragments but go on gathering them. Sometimes those fragments will start to fall into place and you will find even bigger pieces. In this way…a great palace of music will be built. Live the moment of music so it does not get lost.” (Osho: The Sadhana Sutra)


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