A unique approach to experiencing yourself as consciousness and also to be with pain and illness.

A unique approach to experiencing yourself as consciousness and also to be with pain and illness.

Step 1: Close your eyes and stop their movement – an ability which needs to be developed because even when our eyes are closed we go on seeing images. So only proceed with this technique when you see nothing behind your closed eyes –only a blankness, a darkness… as if you have gone blind. Feel as if the eyes have turned to stone, and then suddenly one day you will become aware that you are looking inside yourself.

Step 2: Seeing your inner being in detail, move from limb to limb. Go to your toes; forget the rest of the body and just go to the toes and have a look. Then move up the legs – and so on to every part of the body.

“You only look at the outside of yourself – directly or from a mirror. This technique is to be at the centre of your body and to look around from in there. If you can do this, you become distanced from yourself as a body. You can move your consciousness around inside your body, directing it to wherever you want to go. And wherever you move your consciousness in your body, that part becomes very alive. If you can move your consciousness to your eyes and then you look at someone, your gaze will penetrate him to his very depths.”

Step 3: “Using this method for pain relief, go to the part of the body where the pain is located and stand apart from it, looking at that painful area. With this ability to bring your awareness to that pain, you are distanced from it; you are disidentified with it.

“So this method is helpful for pain relief and as a way to be aware that you are not your body.

Step 4: “Once you can move freely within your body, you can also move into the mind and its many layers.


“Body and mind should be entered and looked at from within. Then you are simply a witness, and this witness cannot be penetrated. Those who really move around inside come to a point where there is no object left but just consciousness of being. You are – but nothing is to be seen, only the seer. There is simply subjectivity without any object around it… Knowing that you are separate from the body/mind structure is your true nature. This is what you really are. This body will die, but that true nature never dies. This mind will die and change, and die and die again, but that true nature never dies. That true nature is eternal.” (Osho: Vigyan Bhairav Tantra)


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