Calming the stressed-out bodymind through dropping the sense of duality

Using the key of acceptance to unlock tension anywhere in the bodymind

When: Whenever the bodymind feels tense

Especially helpful when we are sick, this method can be used at any time, whatever the situation. We’ve included it in this section with the understanding that it’s helpful have practiced it while in good health; then when we’re ill or in pain we can evoke a strategy with which we are already familiar and that we trust and know is effective.

Lying down on your bed, allow the body to feel suchness; that if it is suffering from a cold, for example, it is okay. It is simply a cleansing


“Medicine can be used with two different, almost diametrically opposite viewpoints. One is to destroy the disease. That is a negative attitude. That is the attitude almost everybody lives with.


“One who understands suchness will not take that attitude. His attitude with be that perhaps this illness is needed at this time. You don’t reject it. You are taking medicine only to help your body to accept the disease, to give your body enough strength so that you can live with the disease in suchness. You are not taking medicine against the disease; you are taking medicine to help your vitality, your health, to be strong enough so you can accept this disease as a friend and not create any antagonism.


“And you will be surprised that this idea of suchness helps you in the turmoil of your heart, emotions, feelings, in the confusions of your mind and the sicknesses of your body.” (Osho: The Razor’s Edge)


On another occasion Osho pointed out that suchness (or tathata) is not resignation. It’s not a reluctant acceptance. He suggests,


“Just look: whenever there is a situation, don’t desire anything, because desire will lead you astray. Don’t wish and don’t imagine. Simply look at the fact with your total consciousness available and suddenly a door opens and you never move through the wall, you move through the door, unscratched. Remember, suchness is an understanding, not a helpless fate.


“The suchness meditation, he explains, “consists of living in this word, living with this word, so deeply that the word disappears and you become the suchness.”


There follows not so much a second meditation but really just a variation on the above because, “once you are merged into a suchness, in tathata, in understanding – there is no one as you and there is no one as other-than-you, no self, no other-self. In suchness, in a deep understanding of the nature of things, boundaries disappear.”


The Not-Two Meditation

“The truth of not-two – go on tasting it as much as you can, go on feeling it as much as you can. At every opportunity, whenever you feel some tension inside, say ‘Not two’ and relax the whole body. And look within at what is happening when you say ‘Not two’.


“Whenever there is an opportunity of division, whenever you feel now you will be divided, now you are on the verge of choice, choosing this against that, liking this against that, whenever you feel the opportunity is coming and a tension is arising, whenever you feel a build-up of tension, suddenly say ‘Not two’ — and the tension will relax, and the energy will be re-absorbed. That re-absorbed energy becomes bliss.”                                             (Osho: Hsin Hsin Ming)








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