Bringing more awareness to those feelings that can trigger your reacting unconsciously.

A simple technique of remembrance, so discreet that no one needs to know you are doing it!

When: Any time you feel triggered

This very short, very simple, and very effective Buddhist method helps you remain calm, cool and centred, rather than reacting unconsciously. For example, when your car won’t start or when you are waiting for some important test results.


Whenever you notice you are feeling an emotion that threatens to take you over – for example, frustration – say to yourself three times (in your mother tongue may be more effective) “Frustration… frustration… frustration” (or whatever else the emotion might be). If you are alone, of course you can say that out loud.

Then just notice what happens next. Maybe another feeling emerges – such as sadness or anger; again, simply take note three times.


This strategy can help you be more conscious of what you are feeling, and remind you that you are not that feeling, you are not any feeling – you are separate from it – and that you do not have to act impulsively because of it. With this awareness now being foremost invariably the feeling will subside or change. That’s the nature of emotions: they move. It’s our holding onto them that keeps us tethered to them and stuck. (Osho: Hammer on the Rock)

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