To consciously release negativity (without hurting yourself or anyone else).

A way to physically release destructive energy even when you are bed bound.

When: For an hour, every night before sleeping

It’s understandable that when you are ill – especially when that’s a chronic condition – that you sometimes feel negative.

If you find that feeling is so strong you can’t just passively observe it (see Take Note x 3), this strategy enables you to consciously and safely release it.

Osho comments when giving this method, “And here you can see my differences with Western therapies. Their relief is temporary. But once and for all understand that every problem is yours, so it has to be solved in your privacy. Don’t wash your dirty linen in public places; there is no need. Why unnecessarily involve other people? Why unnecessarily create an image of yourself as ugly?”


When: Every night before sleeping

“For an hour sit on your bed and do everything crazy your mind wants to, that people do when they are angry, destructive and violent. But don’t destroy valuable things. Tear up bits of paper for example…beat a pillow. Then if you want, like the primitives, you can go and apologize to the person you were beating or being angry with.”                                                        (Osho: The Transmission of the Lamp)



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