To regain perspective when in a crisis 

Deliberately remembering that all is passing; all is a movie except our intrinsic self: the witness.

In a crisis, exactly when we need it most, meditating may be the last thing we feel like doing. More typically, we panic and the mind takes over. And with the mind at the helm, centering and peace elude us; direct entry into meditation becomes difficult.

Osho’s suggestion: “Before meditation, for a 15‑minute period you have to do something to cancel the pressure; then only can you enter meditation, otherwise not.” This is that ‘something’….


The Method

1: For 15 minutes, sit silently and see the whole world with all its dramas is a movie, just a dream, with nothing of significance in it.

It might help you to get into the spirit of this method to project whatever you are thinking or feeling onto an imagined “movie screen” within your mind. See yourself up there on the screen, playing a role that includes all that is happening in your real life. Watch yourself acting out the crisis situation, talking, moving, maybe crying, and freaking out. See yourself watching all this from way back here in the audience, far removed from the drama you have projected on the screen of your mind.


2: Remember too that sooner or later everything will disappear, including you yourself. You were not always here; you will not always be here. Nothing that is alive is permanent.


3: Finally, be aware that you are just a watcher or witness – that is unaffected by all that is passing. Dispassionate and constant in its observance, the witness is your still-point of being, which remains intact, unmoving, calm and centered. All else is a passing dream, a film.


Osho adds: “These three things remember –that this whole world is a dream and everything is going to pass, even you. Death is approaching and the only reality there is is the witness, so you are just a witness. Relax the body and then witness for fifteen minutes and then meditate. You will be able to get into it, and then there will be no trouble.

“But whenever you feel that the meditation has become simple, stop it; otherwise it will become habitual. It has to be used only in specific conditions when it is difficult to enter meditation. If you do it every day it is good but it will lose the effect, and then it will not work. So use it medicinally. When things are going wrong and rough, then do it so it will clear the way and you will be able to relax.” (Osho: A Rose is a Rose is a Rose)








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