Found this when wandering through some of my files and can’t recall how I found it; maybe by googling ‘massage’ and ‘research’. Below is just the first couple of paras, but it makes interesting reading.

Complementary Therapies in Medicine (2006) 14, 100—112

Evaluating CAM treatment at the end of life: A review of clinical trials for massage and meditation


Background: There is a pressing need for improved end-of-life care. Use of complementary and alternative medicine (CAM) may improve the quality of care but few controlled trials have evaluated CAM at the end of life.

Objectives: To determine the strength of evidence for the benefits of touch and mind-body therapies in seriously ill patients.

Methods: Systematic review of randomized controlled trials of massage and mindbody therapies. A PubMed search of English language articles was used to identify the relevant studies.

Results: Of 27 clinical trials testing massage or mind-body interventions, 26 showed significant improvements in symptoms such as anxiety, emotional distress, comfort nausea and pain.

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