The movie, ‘Wit,’ has been out for some years and, through a friend mentioning it the other day, I watched it for a second time. By Mike Nicholls, with Emma Thompson as the main character, the movie may not be favourite viewing for the faint hearted, especially those of us who are currently needing to visit hospitals for treatment or are hospitalised: the picture it paints of the dehumanising process is grim, even soul-destroying. Though, as I say, this was my second viewing, I was immensely moved by it — outraged, stunned, and (on the upside!) strongly affirmed in pursuing the work I am doing. That is, supporting those people who have just received a diagnosis of a life-challenging illness.

Doctors typically neither have the time nor the skills to offer anything but the most cursory support. By that, I mean, emotional support at the time of diagnosis and at any time during one’s illness, and/or helping patients in identifying their needs and accessing the appropriate resources. That’s where I see a gap which I can fill: as a psychotherapist, I offer support for patients in dealing with the whole range of feelings that they might experience. As a former nurse I have a certain familiarity with the medical-hospital system, so can accompany clients to future doctor visits (often good to have a person with you, to hear things you might miss, to ask questions, and so on), to prepare them for/accompany them to chemotherapy and or radiotherapy, and to be available for general psychological support at my place of work or in their home.

Would so welcome hearing from others who feel similarly…

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